States 415-16 Reel
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Compact, durable push mower with wide-cutting width and easy assembly

The Great States 415-16 push reel lawn mower is a great mower if you have limited storage space and need a durable mower that’s compact and light enough for anyone in your family to use. It has a wide-cutting width so you can make less passes on your lawn and smooth-rolling wheels with good traction. The mower is also easy to assemble, so you can start mowing as soon as you get it.

Heat-treated blades

A big part of mower durability is related to the quality of blades. The Great States has heat-treated blades designed to stay sharp longer. They are also smooth-spinning and have a 16-inch cutting width. Since not every lawn has the same length when you cut it, you can adjust the blade’s cutting height in the range of 1/2’’ to 2 1/4’’.

10-inch, ball-bearing wheels

For smooth mobility, good wheels are crucial. With push reel mowers, mobility is especially important because you are responsible for pushing the mower, and if that’s difficult, your mowing experience will be long and frustrating. This mower has 10-inch, ball-bearing wheels with radial rubber tires. These tires allow for smooth, easy mobility that have excellent traction.

24 pounds

Mowing with a push reel can be really difficult and the job is often relegated to the strongest person in the household. With the Great States 415-16, the mower weighs 25 pounds, which is relatively light. Younger people in your family will be able to push the mower and the stronger, older ones will mow the lawn much quicker and with less effort than if the mower was heavier.


Easy assembly

Putting the mower together is extremely easy. You don’t even need to get out your tools. With a quick assembly, you can start mowing right away, and with no oil or gas to mess with, getting ready to mow is made that much faster.


The Great States 415-16 is a compact mower, so storage is a breeze. If you have a small garage and need to be picky about what takes up space, the Great States won’t dominate the garage and fits into tighter spots a larger mower would never work in. With its compact size, it’s also easier for anyone to use – younger kids, shorter adults – without feeling awkward.


The Great States is made from quality materials that ensure longevity. The powder-coated finished handle is resistant to rush, and the blades (in addition to being heat-treated) are made from tempered alloy steel. Having a durable mower is important so you don’t have to make another big mower purchase only a few years after buying this one.


Doesn’t cut tall grass

The main weakness with the Great States is that when the grass gets to be a certain height, it doesn’t cut especially well. If you have tall weeds in your lawn (or tall grass), the mower will kind of just push the grass over and the mower will go right over it without cutting. While this can be annoying, it does encourage you to keep your lawn a nice, short length and to not let it get out of control before its next mow.

Overall Review

The Great States 415-16 push reel lawn mower is a compact, zero-emission mower made from durable materials. It’s extremely easy to assemble, and anyone in your family can mow comfortably. This mower is ideal for smaller lawns and even if you’re not used to mowing, this mower is a great one to start with.