GreenWorks 25052 Reel Lawn
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Clean, effective reel mower with 2-in-1 clipping discharge, grass catcher, and height adjustment

The Greenworks 25052 reel lawn mower is an effective, zero-emission mower that’s lightweight, so even young people can use it without any trouble. You can mow both quickly and efficiently with the 4-position height adjustment and wide cutting path. If you’re in the market for an affordable reel mower with strong, basic features, the GreenWorks fits the profile.

4-position height adjustment

You want your lawn to reflect your lifestyle. Whether you want very short grass like on a golf-course or longer, more luxurious grass you can lie in, you can choose any of a variety of cutting heights using the 4-position height adjustment. Beginning at 1 1/8 of an inch to 2 ¼, you have complete control over the look of your lawn, no matter what kind of grass it’s made of.

2-in-1 mulch and rear bag

As you mow with the GreenWorks 25052, the clippings go into the 2-in-1 mulch and rear bag. If you want to throw away your grass, simply use the rear bag for clean discharge and disposal. If you want to mulch your lawn (mulcher often means healthier, faster-growing grass), you can do that, too.

Grass catcher

That 2-in-1 mulch and rear bag takes the form of a grass catcher. This attaches to the mower on each side and clips to the handle. You can also adjust it so the catcher doesn’t drag and captures all of the clippings. This makes the mowing experience cleaner.



One of the GreenWorks’ major strengths is how light it is. At only 15 pounds, it is at least 20 pounds lighter than some other push reel mowers. This means you can mow much faster and you don’t have to be really strong to mow larger lawns that take more time and effort.

Wide cutting path

The mower’s blades cut a 16-inch path. While smaller than some other reels, the GreenWorks push reel mower is still a very effective mower that requires less passes over your lawn, which reduces the overall mowing time.

Easy to move

Maneuverability with a mower, especially a reel, is very important. With its 10-inch front wheels and 2-inch rear rollers, you can easily glide around the corners and sides of your lawn. Kids and smaller people won’t feel like the mower is overpowering them, so mowing the lawn can become a chore you trade off with.


Grass catcher doesn’t work that good

For all the hype about the included grass catcher, it doesn’t really work that well. It tends to fall of the mower and stopping every five minutes to reattach it can really cut into your mowing time. It’s better to just remove it and let the grass mulch. The mower cuts the grass finely-enough so it makes a nice mulch that will feed your lawn, so you don’t really miss the grass catcher that much.

Bad with tall grass

The GreenWorks doesn’t cut tall grass or weeds very well. To get them cut down enough, you have to go over the same spot a few times. This also cuts into your mowing time. The silver lining to this problem is because the mower is so light and easy to move, going over the same spot a couple times is still fairly quick and easy, so if you’re fast, it really isn’t a problem.

Overall Review

If you want a reel mower that mulches, the GreenWorks is a good option. Because the catcher doesn’t work, it won’t add much to your mowing experience. However, the mower chops up grass finely, making an ideal mulch. The mower also has height adjusters so you can cut your lawn to the ideal height and is extremely lightweight. If you want your young kid to be able to mow the lawn safely without dealing with an engine or gas, the GreenWorks 25052 reel is a strong choice.