Joe MJ501M Mower
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Compact, zero-maintenance manual reel mower with grass catcher and easy use

The Sun Joe Mow Joe manual reel mower is perfect if you have limited storage space, but still want a mower that’s easy to use, cuts effectively, and doesn’t require any maintenance with gas or oil. A grass catcher is included with this mower for clippings. The Mow Joe is best for small lawns unless you really want your mowing experience to be a workout worthy of cancelling your gym membership.

Compact design

By choosing a compact mower, you are broadening the range of people who can take over the job of lawn mowing. Smaller and/or younger people will be able to use the Mow Joe, and for people used to a heavier mower, the job will just fly by. The Mow Joe MJ501M’s compact design includes a foam grip handle for increased comfort

Grass catcher

As you mow, you accumulate a lot of grass clippings. The mower’s grass catcher detaches easily from the mower and holds up to 6.6 gallons of grass, which is a lot. You can mow for longer without having to bag or throw away the grass. Using the catcher means the cut grass stays off your lawn and you get a tidy, smooth lawn.

Four steel blades

The Mow Joe’s four, steel blades are what is responsible for the cutting. They cut a 16-inch path so you can cut more lawn with fewer passes. They can also be adjusted to four cutting heights, so you can be sure to reach the taller stalks and cut your lawn down to your ideal height.


No maintenance

Maintaining a mower can be a real pain, especially if it uses gas and oil. Being a reel mower that is powered by human strength, the Mow Joe requires zero maintenance. Besides just checking the blades for rust every now and then, you don’t have to do anything with it besides mow your lawn and let it sit in your garage.

Easy to store

Because of its compact size, storing the Mow Joe MJ501M is easy, even if you have a small garage or shed. It doesn’t take over your precious, limited space or disrupt your organizational style.

Easy to use

Another plus to this particular mower is how easy it is to use. It weighs 30 pounds and is light enough for tweens or teens to use. Even if you have had trouble with mowers before, you might be surprised by this one. There’s no motor to worry about – just push and go.


Only cuts soft grass

A problem with the Mow Joe is that it doesn’t cut anything really well besides soft grass. Tough grasses like bermuda, or lawns with lots of weeds and sticks will be an issue. If you know your lawn has these obstacles (twigs, thick weeds, etc), try raking through it before you mow. It might make cutting the grass easier for the mower, but in terms of design, the mower really is meant for softer grass.

Not great for big lawns

With a lot of push reel mowers, larger lawns are too difficult. It would take forever and take too much work for most people. This mower is heavier than some of the other more compact reels, so the Mow Joe is definitely not suited for big yards. However, if you want a way to exercise that doesn’t involve spending money at a gym, an hour or two mowing a big lawn with this mower would definitely be a workout.

Overall Review

The Sun Joe Mow Joe MJ501M manual reel mower has a convenient grass catcher, an easy-to-store compact design, and is ideal for smaller lawns with soft grass. If you aren’t interested in any sort of maintenance, this mower requires none. It’s also affordable, so even if you have a tighter budget, this mower fits into your lifestyle and ensures a clean, trimmed lawn.