Engine Rear Tiller
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Heavy-duty rear tine rototiller with a Viper engine, 15-inch tilling width, and drag stake technology

If you have a wide, reasonably large area you want to garden, the Earthquake 6015V is a good tiller to use in preparation. The engine is powerful enough to break sod and churn heavy dirt, and the 15-inch tilling width allows you to make fewer passes in your yard and work faster. To help create even beds, the drag stake technology maintains tilling depth, so you don’t have to go back later and dig around by hand.

196cc Viper engine

The 6015V is equipped with a 196cc Viper engine with a 4-cycle design. 4-cycles engine are more durable and more fuel-efficient than 2-cycles, so you can rely on the power of the engine to work through tougher ground that hasn’t been broken before.

Counter-rotating tines

The counter-rotating tines, which move in the opposite direction of the wheels, are ideal for breaking rough ground that’s never come into contact with a tiller before. With a 15-inch tilling width and 10-inch depth, the tines are more than able to tear up more ground in less time and churn up nutrients in your dirt.

Isovibe drag stake technology

To help maintain your digging levels, the Earthquake 6015V tiller comes with Isovibe drag stake technology. This increases your control over the machine and is adjustable depending on how deep you want to dig.


Heavy-duty transmission

The gear transmission on the tiller is built for endurance. It’s constructed with tapered roller bearings and steel bushings, and was designed to be put under frequent stress without wearing down like an inferior transmission would.

Great tires

Tires are what ground your tiller and allow it to move smoothly. The wheels on the 6015V are large (13’’x5’’) and are made with forward directional control for increased maneuverability, which is very important when your ground is unbroken.

Handlebar adjustment

Not everyone will use the handlebar at the same position. The tiller has a possible six positions you can choose from, so you can select which one works best for you, and if anyone else uses it, they can adjust it according to their wishes, as well.


Doesn’t go backwards

The gear transmission on the Earthquake rear tine tiller doesn’t have a reverse. This limits your maneuverability overall and can slow down the tilling process. However, because the tilling width is pretty wide, you still move pretty fast and won’t need to go backwards over what you’ve already tilled, because the tines have already taken care of it.

Not great with corners

That tilling width is a bit wide for gardens or yards with corners. This is a common problem with heavy-duty tillers, and so it’s best if your yard is wider with very few tighter spots. If you do have corners and cramped areas, you’ll have to go over the missed spots with a smaller tiller or by hand.

Overall Review

The Earthquake 6015V Rear Tine Rototiller is all about digging. It has a 15-inch tilling width and a maximum depth of 10 inches. The powerful Viper engine and heavy-duty gear transmission combined with the counter-rotating tines with a drag stake are ideal for breaking fresh, compact ground that might be hiding a lot of roots or rocks. The tiller isn’t well-suited to smaller yards or gardens with a lot of corners, and also can’t go backwards, but in terms of sheer tilling ability, the Earthquake is a workhorse.