17-Inch Rear Tiller
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Heavy-duty rear tine tiller with Briggs & Stratton engine, counter-rotating tines, and superior balance and control

The Husqvarna CRT900L is a very sturdy rear tine tiller that’s ideal for working in new ground or turning over soil. It uses a powerful Briggs & Stratton engine with a lot of torque and counter-rotating tines to work through compact, solid earth. Features like a built-in counterweight help maintain balance so you always stay in total control of the tiller as you work.

205cc Briggs & Stratton engine

A powerful tiller needs a powerful engine. The Briggs & Stratton has 205cc and is a 4-cycle, OHV engine, which means it’s more energy-efficient and more durable than 2-cycle engines without an overhead valve design. It boasts a 9 lb/ft torque, so you can really cut well into very packed ground that’s never been tilled before.

Counter-rotating tines

The tines on the Husqvarna CRT900L rear tine tiller are counter-rotating, which means they turn in the opposite direction of the wheels. In terms of width, it is 17-inches across so you can work faster. The depth is adjustable up to 6 inches, so you can make a variety of shallow beds for your new garden.

Heavy-tread tires

The tires on this tiller are agricultural-grade and designed with heavy treads so they maintain a powerful grip even in mud. You have more flexibility about where you want to set up your garden, and are able to work even after it’s rained and the ground becomes muddy.


Great balance and control

The tiller is equipped with counterweights on the wheels so they are more grounded and stable. This makes it safer for you to work and increases your control over the tiller.

Forward and reverse gears

The transmission is a sealed chain gear transmission that has one gear for forward and one for reverse. You have better maneuverability and can work faster when you’re able to go both backwards or forwards. Not all tillers are have reverse gears.

Great for really hard gardening jobs

Not every heavy-duty tiller is able to handle the toughest jobs, but the Husqvarna CRT900L is well-equipped to get through the most compact soil. The counter-rotating tines are superior to standard-rotating tines and really chew through soil. The power and torque on the engine help with this as well.


Doesn’t get very deep

Despite its power, the Husqvarna doesn’t get very deep. Its maximum depth is about 6 inches. There are other tillers that can get 10 or so inches deep, which is good for certain kinds of gardens, so if depth is a priority for you, you should probably choose another machine.

Overall Review

The Husqvarna CRT900L 960930026 17-Inch Rear Tine Tiller has a good width for fast gardening, and though it only gets to about 6 inches deep, it has a lot of more shallow adjustments you can make. The engine boasts an impressive torque and when combined with the counter-rotating tines, the tiller is able to get through very hard dirt whether you’re going backwards or forwards. A counterweight and heavy-tread tires help keep the whole machine balanced and stable, so you always feel secure and safe when you’re using it.