MTD Gold 21AB45M8704 208cc Gas 22 Rear Tine Tiller
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Affordable rear tine tiller with sturdy engine, large wheels and adjustable tines that’s ideal for big gardens

As one of the more affordable rear tine tillers out there, the MTD Gold 21AB45M8704 is also extremely effective for big gardens. Its Powermore engine with an overhead valve design generates power for the tines, which have adjustable depth up to 7 inches for deeper beds. Large wheels help provide support to the whole tiller, so maneuvering is smooth and balanced. This tiller is a great choice for the serious gardener who doesn’t want to put down a fortune.

208cc OHV engine

With 208cc and good torque, the Powermore OHV Series engine on the MTD Gold is both reliable and durable. Overhead valve engines are known for their fuel-efficiency as well as their overall reliability, so you aren’t purchasing a tiller that drinks up a ton of gas and emits a lot of dangerous fumes.

18-inch tilling width

The tines on this tiller are best for cultivating large gardens and cut a dual-direction 18-inch width through dirt. This gives you more flexibility while you work (this strength will be discussed later). The variable depth adjustments – with 7 inches being as deep as you can go – allow you to create a variety of beds for different kinds of plants.

16-inch wheels

Bigger wheels mean better support, and at 16 inches, the wheels on the MTD Gold are on the larger side. They provide excellent support and balance to the tiller, so you can work faster without feeling like you’re losing control or failing to make the most of the tiller’s features.


Good for big gardens

Tillers with a rear-tine design are great for larger gardens. Unlike tines that are located at the front, rear tines are pulled by the engine which is at the front of the tiller, resulting in deeper, more effective digging that’s ideal for large, uncultivated gardens.

More flexible

This tiller is a dual-rotating tiller, which means the tines go both backwards and forwards. This allows you to till going forward on easier ground, and then till backwards on really compact dirt that needs that counter-rotating action.


The MTD Gold is very reasonably-priced and even costs less than other tillers with broader widths. Just because you have a big garden doesn’t mean you have to shell out a ton of cash on a really pricey, really flashy tiller.



In general, rear tine tillers more difficult to maneuver. It’s also very wide, which makes moving it through tighter spots or corners awkward and ineffective. As stated before, this really is a tiller for big yards, and those sort of machines will be heavier. The engine isn’t as large as it could be though; OHV engines are more compact than non-OHV versions.

Overall Review

Affordable but powerful, the MTD Gold 21AB45M8704 rear tine tiller uses dual-rotating tines and adjustable depths to till on every kind of soil, be it soft or compact. It’s all powered by a Powermore OHV engine, and is ideal for big gardens that need that broad 18-inch cutting width. It isn’t great with corners or tighter spots, but if your garden is out in the open and badly needing to be cultivated, this is a great tiller to look at.