Southland SRTT196E OHV Engine Rear Tine Tiller
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Deep-digging rear tine tiller with an OHV engine, counter-rotating tines, and forward/reverse gear transmission system

The Southland SRTT196E Rear Tine Tiller is a little more compact than other heavy-duty rear tine tillers, making it suitable for smaller gardens too. It has a 4-stroke, OHV engine with good torque and counter-rotating tines that cut through hardened soil very effectively. Since maneuverability can be an issue with rear tine tillers, the forward/reverse gear transmission system is especially useful and speeds up the tilling process.

4-stroke, OHV engine

As an overhead valve engine, the Southland’s engine is more energy-efficient, quieter, and more durable than non-OHV engines. It’s also a 4-stroke, which increases its efficiency compared to a 2-cycle. In terms of power, it has 9.6 lb/ft torque, which is enough to cut through very compact soil, even earth that has never been tilled before.

Counter-rotating tines

The counter-rotating tines have an 11-inch width, which is a good width for gardens with some smaller spaces. The counter-rotating motion adds to the tines’ power so they turn over and aerate soil very effectively, even if it’s hard or rocky. The depth on the Southland SRTT196E is excellent at 10 inches. Many comparable tillers are only able to make shallow beds, up to 6 inches or so.

Pneumatic tires

For balance, a tiller needs good, solid tires. The Southland’s tires are heavy-duty quality and pneumatic for superior durability even over rough, uneven ground. They are 13-inches and support the machine well.


Forward and reverse action gears

Many rear tine tillers have trouble with maneuverability. Forward/reverse gear transmissions can help a lot with that, so the Southland SRTT196E is equipped with the ability to go both backwards and forwards. You can till the ground quicker and get into corners a bit better.

Digs deep

At 10 inches, the Southland digs deeper than many other tillers. This is especially useful on ground that’s very rocky or full of clay. It also allows you to prepare beds for plants that require a lot of room for roots to grow down.

Good for smaller gardens

Most heavy-duty tillers have very wide tilling widths and aren’t able to get into smaller spaces like corners very well. The 11 inches on the SRTT196E is a reasonably-narrow width so you have a bit more flexibility in tighter spots.


Not as wide as others

The Southland digs deep and has a convenient turning radius, but isn’t as wide as other garden tillers, this isn’t a big problem but you will need some extra passes to prepare your terrain compared with wider machines.

Overall Review

The Southland SRTT196E Rear Tine Tiller is a maneuverable, efficient tiller that’s great for very hard ground and even smaller gardens. It digs very deep compared to many other tillers and has a fuel-efficient engine with a lot of torque. If you are in the market for a heavy-duty tiller that’s very maneuverable too, but still has the power to cut through rough ground, then this tiller is an excellent choice, giving you pleasure for years to come.