21A-662G766 250cc Rear Tine
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Durable rear tine tiller with a ton of torque, a 16-inch tilling width, and smooth operation

The Troy Bilt Pony 21A-662G766 250cc combines a lot of torque with forward-rotating tines to create a tiller that’s ready for the toughest gardening jobs, including breaking new ground or sod. The tiller has a 16-inch tilling width so you can garden faster with fewer passes, and the transmission and Just One Hand operation all add to the tiller’s smooth, fast maneuverability.

250cc Briggs & Stratton engine

The engine on the Pony is exceptional. It is a Briggs & Stratton Powerbuilt 4-cycle engine with 250cc. The 4-cycle is designed for a quieter run, better fuel-efficiency, and more durability. All this power results in a very high torque of 11 lb/ft, which is ideal for breaking through the toughest soil, including ground that’s never been tilled before.

Forward-rotating bolo tines

The Briggs & Stratton engine powers the forward-rotating tines, which cut a 16-inch width into the ground. The depth is adjustable up to 6 inches. Forward-rotating tines are an advantage if you prioritize easier mobility and safety, since the tiller will jump forwards instead of back when it hits a hard object. Safety is especially important since as a rear tine tiller, the tines are closer to you. The 17-inch tine shield also helps with safety.

13-inch agricultural tires

The tiller is supported by firm 13-inch agricultural tires, which are designed for sturdiness and balance. They are able to roll over freshly-tilled dirt without packing it back down, which results in more effective work.


Durable transmission

A sturdy transmission is crucial for the lifespan of a tiller. The Troy Bilt Pony’s transmission is made of cast-iron with a bronze gear drive capable of both forward and power reverse. You get more versatility with both speeds, and the transmission holds up to frequent use in rough ground.

Front bumper

Located at the front of the tiller, the bumper protects the engine from the typical wear-and-tear an engine will experience as you work. This protection shields the engine from damage, so it performs at its best for a longer period of time.

Great maneuverability

In addition to a smooth transmission, the Pony is equipped with Just One Hand operation. The plow-style handle allows you to guide and control the tiller with only one hand, giving you more flexibility with less effort.


Doesn’t get very deep

The Troy Bilt Pony doesn’t dig very deep. It only goes down to about 6 inches, and since forward-rotating tines are already not the best at deep digging, you might have trouble really getting down into very compact soil. The really powerful engine and transmission might help with this issue, since the tiller has a lot of torque which is important for deep digging.

Not good with corners/tighter spots

If your garden has any corners or tighter spots, prepare to go over them again with a smaller tiller. The 16-inch tilling width on the Pony is just a bit wide for those smaller areas. It was intended for use on larger gardens, so bear that in mind.

Overall Review

The Troy Bilt Pony 21A-662G766 250cc rear tine tiller is a real workhorse. Its Briggs & Stratton engine powers 11 lb/ft torque, which is a really high number, as well as forward-rotating tines that dig smoothly with a long tilling width. Since the tines don’t get very deep (6 inches), this tiller is best for big gardens with shallower beds, but it is able to dig through unbroken ground or very compact soil with rocks. A bumper guard and tine shield help keep you and your tiller protected.