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Easy Food Preparation at The Touch of a Button

The Zojirushi is a small, easy to use rice cooker that yields three cups of perfect, fluffy white rice. It can also be used for other grains such as steel cut oatmeal when used under the Porridge setting. It has a Mixed Rice mode that can be used to cook rice with chicken, fish, tofu or other proteins and vegetables with the rice.

Rice Cooker Features

The NS-LAC05XT features a detachable inner lid, easy to understand LCD control panel and a retractable power cord. When rice is done, the rice cooker switched to the Keep Warm cycle to keep food ready to eat. A measuring cup, nonstick rice spatula and spatula holder are included.

Ease of Access

Its reheating cycle and delay timer settings allow for easy meal planning. The NS-LAC05XI features different cooking programs such as white rice, sushi rice, mixed rice, porridge, sweet, brown and quick cooking rice. A Fuzzy Logic microchip allows for perfect rice by adjusting temperature, moisture and cooking time to create a better rice texture. It also balances the moisture so that rice doesn’t dry out after cooking and makes reheat possible. The inner cooking pan provides even heating and measure lines for measuring ingredients.

The Good

The rice cook contains a removable inner cooking pan for easy cleaning. The built-in retractable power cord and the build-in handle make it easy to move the rice cooker from one place to another without dealing with cables hanging or food spilling. The Zojirushi NS-LAC05XT can be set for with a musical alert for when it is done cooking.

The Bad

It makes enough rice for about 1-3 people, although the rice cooker claims to make up to six cups of cooked rice, it only cooks about four standard cups of rice. It is probably not big enough for a big family but for a single person, couple or small family, it should be enough. Many users point out that the directions aren’t in very clear English, probably the result of poor translation, but the controls are pretty easy to operate on their own.

Small Footprint

At 7.5 inch height, 11.8 inch length and 9.1 inch width, this is a small rice cooker that takes up minimal counter space, making it the perfect appliance for apartment living or small kitchens. The exterior is made of stainless-steel, making it easy to wipe clean and easy to match any kitchen and any tastes. Its easy-to-read LCD control panel is user-friendly and features a clock and timer. It is a simple, attractive machine and easy to carry around.

Overall Verdict

With its thick, spherical nonstick bowl, the rice doesn’t burn and cleaning up is easy. It’s a great rice cooker that works with a variety of rices from brown, sushi, jasmine, basmati and other rice mixes. The Fuzzy Logic technology in this rice cooker makes sure you get fluffy, beautiful rice each time by adjusting temperatures and cooking times for the maximum experience.