HP Gas Lawn Tractor
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CARB-compliant, Briggs & Stratton lawn tractor with 42-inch cutting deck and hydrostatic transmission

The Husqvarna 960430173 656cc 22-HP lawn tractor is not only a powerful mower with a 42-inch cutting deck, it also is CARB-compliant, which means it has less emissions and is more environmentally-friendly than other mowers. The hydrostatic transmission also gives the mower great maneuverability so you get a smooth ride as the cutting deck accurately and precisely cuts your grass.

Briggs & Stratton Intek V-twin engine

Briggs & Stratton engines are known for their reliability. This particular Briggs is an Intek V-twin engine, which means it has two cylinders for more durability even on tougher lawns. The engine, which is 22 HP, also has full-pressure lubrication and an advanced debris management system.

42-inch cutting deck

At 42 inches, the cutting deck is both narrow enough for tighter spots in your lawn, and wide enough so you don’t have to make a lot of passes and spend more time mowing. You can adjust the cutting height up to 6 different heights between 1.5 inch and 4 inches. The deck also has anti-scalp wheels, so the mower doesn’t pull up the grass.

Hydrostatic transmission

With the hydrostatic transmission that you operate by a pedal, you have the ability to keep both hands on the steering wheel while you control speed and direction. The mower has a maximum forward speed of 5.2 MPH and a 16-inch turning radius, so you cut close to obstacles like trees and make sharper turns.


Superior cutting

Thanks to the inclusion of air-induction technology, you get a superior cut with the Husqvarna cutting deck. Air induction tech pulls air from the deck’s bottom and top, so the grass lifts up from the ground and gets cut more cleanly. This is especially beneficial with grass that’s tougher to cut, like Bluegrass or Bermuda.

Bigger tank

The 2.5 gallon tank on this riding lawn mower is bigger compared to other mowers with similar features. This makes the mower optimal for bigger lawns where you need more gas to complete the job.


The Husqvarna 960430173 is CARB-compliant, which means it meets the standards of the California Air Resources Board for lower-emission mowers. You won’t be contributing to poor air quality as much as you would with a non-CARB mower, and you won’t have to use as much fuel because of the mower’s efficiency.


Bit big for smaller lawns

This mower is definitely for more medium-sized lawns. The wide cutting deck wouldn’t get into narrow corners very well, and the mower probably has more horsepower than a smaller lawn would require. However, it does have a great turning radius for close cutting and sharp turns, so your lawn doesn’t need to be huge.

Overall Review

This Husqvarna 960430173 is a powerful, CARB-compliant lawn tractor with a wide cutting deck complete with air induction technology and a bigger gas tank. These factors make the mower perform at it best if you have medium to large yard. Using the mower is easy to drive thanks to the pedal-operated transmission. You can get a great cut on your yard while doing your part for the environment, all without sacrificing power or ease-of-use.