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Powerful, fuel-efficient riding lawn mower with 42-inch cutting deck and 7-speed automatic transmission

The MTD 13A2775S000 Yard Machines riding lawn mower is powerful for a compact mower. It has a fuel- efficient OHV engine, a 42-inch cutting deck, and 7-speed automatic transmission. The cutting deck has three discharge options and the transmission gives you a smooth, easy mowing experience.

4-Cycle OHV Engine

One of the highlight features of this riding mower is the engine. It’s a 4-cycle PowerMore overhead valve engine, which means it gives you a stronger performance and more fuel efficiency. You get 420cc of power, and since it’s an electric start, it powers up with just the turn of a key.

42-inch cutting deck

At 42 inches, the cutting deck is a really good size. The deck is made from stamped steel and uses 2 blades to cut the grass. You can either choose to use the clippings for mulch, have them discharged from the side, or put into the rear bag. Many smaller mowers don’t offer mulching capabilities.

7-Speed Automatic Transmission

With the lever-operated automatic transmission, driving the Yard Machine 420cc is steady and effortless. As an automatic transmission, the ride will feel smooth even on more uneven terrain. You get 7-speed selections, and can go forward at 5 mph, and backwards at 2 mph.


Cut close to obstacles

Because of its compact size, the MTD Yard Machines riding mower is easier to get close to obstacles like trees than if you had a big mower. You also get an 18-inch turning radius, so making turns and cutting in corners isn’t too much of a pain.

Wheels don’t pull up grass

Many yard tractors are pretty aggressive with your grass, and often rip up the turf. The 2-deck gauge wheels are designed with anti-scalp features so your grass stays where it should, even on rougher parts.

Has headlights

Another convenient feature that the MTD 13A2775S000 has is headlights. You can safely mow during the evening as the sun sets, or in the morning on cloudy days. Being able to see is especially important if you have a bumpier lawn and are dealing with hills.


Can’t mow in reverse

One of the downsides to this mower is that you can’t mow in reverse. You have to turn around every time instead of backing up and mowing. Luckily, turning around isn’t difficult thanks to the mower’s size and turning radius.

Really small tank

The gas tank is only 1.36 gallons. If you have a bigger yard, you have to refill a lot, which can cost extra time. However, the engine is more fuel-efficient, and if you have a smaller lawn (like an acre), you don’t have to refill that frequently.

Overall Review

The MTD 13A2775S000 420cc is a sturdy riding lawn mower with a good, fuel-efficient engine and wide, 42-inch cutting deck. You can also go reasonably fast in this mower (up to 5 mph), so combined with the narrow turning radius, you can mow your lawn quickly even if you have to go around landscape features. Because the tank is so small, it’s clear this mower wasn’t intended to cover huge areas of land. If you have a smaller yard, you’ll be very satisfied with the MTD.