Poulan Pro Riding Lawn Mower
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Sturdy riding lawn mower with 14.5 HP, a 42-inch cutting deck, and a 6-speed gear transmission controlled by a lever

The Poulan Pro 960420164 PB145G42 Briggs riding mower has a lot in common with other Poulan Pro’s, like a Briggs & Stratton engine and a 6-speed transmission, but it has a wider cutting deck at 42 inches and improved turning radius. You get a lot of control over the drive of the mower, and it’s very easy to use even if you don’t have much experience with a riding lawn mower.

14.5 HP Briggs & Stratton

The engine on the PB145G42 is a 1-cylinder, 14.5 HP Briggs & Stratton. This is a great engine for a compact mower as it doesn’t waste any fuel by being larger or more powerful than it needs to be. Like all Briggs & Stratton engines, this one is both reliable and pretty quiet.

42-inch cutting deck

The stamped steel cutting deck on this little mower is pretty impressive. It’s 42 inches, which is pretty wide, and uses 2 blades to cut your grass. The clippings are discharged from the side.

6-speed gear transmission

You get a lot of control over the riding lawn mower using the 6-speed gear transmission. It’s lever-driven, and you can go forward at a maximum speed of 5.5 MPH, and backwards at almost 2 MPH.


Improved turning radius

The turning radius is better on this mower than other Poulan Pro riding lawn mowers. At 16 inches, it’s easy to cut around corners, trees, and make sharp turns, resulting in a faster mowing experience.

Good tank size

The tank size of this mower is great for the PB145G42’s compact size. It holds 1.5 gallons of gas, so you don’t have to refill with a ton of gasoline every time the tank is empty. The tank is ideal for cutting a lawn that’s at least 1 acre.

Good cutting height range

You get a good cutting height range with the cutting deck. You can go as short as 1.5 inches and as long as 4 inches. This opens up the mower to a lot of different kinds of grasses, some which need to be a little long to stay healthy.


No headlights

There are no highlights on this mower. You can’t mow when it gets dark because you need to be able to see clearly to make sure you’re cutting your lawn evenly, and just for safety’s sake. Though the headlights aren’t included, there is some wiring present so you can install lights on your own if you really need to.

Overall Review

The Poulan Pro 960420164 PB145G42 Briggs Riding Mower is similar to other Poulan Pro’s, but it has a wider cutting deck than some and a narrower turning radius. This makes it ideal for lawns that don’t have a lot of really tight spaces, but do have trees and flowerbeds that you need to cut around. Using the mower is easy thanks to the 6-speed transmission and reliable mower, so even if you haven’t owned a lawn tractor before, you’ll pick it up right away and cut your grass in much less time than before.