Poulan Riding Mower 30-Inch
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Maneuverable riding mower with 10.5 HP engine, 30-inch cutting deck, and durable construction engine

Compact riding mowers are ideal for medium-sized lawns that aren’t practical for big mowers. They also need to be smooth and effective. The Poulan Pro PB30 Briggs riding mower is all of these things. It has a Briggs & Stratton engine and a 30-inch cutting deck with three discharge options. Because of its size, it’s also easy to drive around and easy to store.

10.5 HP Briggs & Stratton OHV engine

The PB30’s engine is not only a Briggs & Stratton; it’s an OHV engine. Overhead valve engines are designed to be more fuel-efficient and quieter, so you don’t use up as much gas or bother everyone with a super loud engine. The engine on the PB30 has 10.5 HP and an electric start, so you just use a key to turn the engine on.

30-inch cutting deck

The Poulan Pro’s cutting deck has 30 inches, which is in the middle range of compact mower cutting decks. It uses a single blade and has three options for clipping discharge: side, mulch, or bag. You can also choose from 4 cutting heights.

4-speed gear transmission

The gear transmission for the PB30 is controlled by a lever shift, so you have more control over the 4-speed transmission. This transmission allows a 14-inch turn radius, so you can get relatively close to lawn obstacles like flower beds or trees.


Easy to move around

The Poulan Pro PB30 is very easy to drive around. In addition to its compact size, the smaller cutting deck allows you to get into tight spots that bigger mowers would have trouble with. If you have a medium-sized lawn, bigger isn’t always better, in fact, it’s worse. You want a smaller mower that can cut grass in the corners of your yard and get between gates. The PB30 can do that.

Good-sized gas tank

The Poulan Pro PB30 is gas-powered and has a 1.5 gallon fuel tank. This is a pretty decent-sized tank and is sufficient for a medium-sized lawn. It’s also nice to not have to fill up with a ton of gas every time the tank is empty.


The PB30 is very durable. It’s considered a heavy-duty lawn mower and the deck is made from 14-gauge stamped steel. Since mowers are such big purchases, you want yours to last a long time. With the reliability of the Brigg engine and durable construction, the PB30 will do just that.


Not CARB-compliant

The PB30 is not CARB-compliant. This means it does not measure up to the standards set by the California Air Resources Board and so can’t be considered lower-emission. Basically, the mower isn’t good for the environment, and is “dirtier.” This may not be a problem for you, but if you live in an area with bad air quality, you might want to take this into consideration.

Not great on hills

The PB30 loses traction on hills. It doesn’t have a good enough grip on steeper angles so you’ll find it more difficult to mow if you have a hilly yard. If you have a mostly flat lawn, you won’t have any problems.

Overall Review

If you’re looking for a sturdy, compact lawn mower with a decent cutting deck and reliable engine, consider the Poulan Pro PB30 960220020 Briggs riding mower. It’s ideal for smaller medium-sized lawns because of its tank size, 30-inch cutting width, and ability to maneuver easily around obstacles like trees. It’s a very durable mower as well, so you can expect to use it for many mowing sessions.