Snapper NXT2346 46-Inch Pro
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Powerful riding lawn tractor with 46-inch cutting deck, OHV engine, and digital dashboard

With a 23 HP engine with OHV design and 46-inch cutting deck, the Snapper NXT2346 riding lawn tractor is already an impressive mower. Add in the digital dash that displays info like fuel level and cutting height, and you get a mower that’s a step up from other mowers with similar engine and cutting decks. The Snapper was meant for medium-sized yards, but with the amount of power and gas capacity it has, you could use it for a large yard, too.

Pro Series V-Twin OHV engine

The Pro Series V-twin OHV engine is both powerful and fuel-efficient. The overhead valve design runs quieter and uses less gas, while the 23 HP and V-twin design allow the mower to cut through tall weeds and rough grass. The engine also has a full-pressure lubrication system and spin-on filter.

46-inch cutting deck

The Snapper’s cutting deck is also fuel-efficient and runs cleaner than other decks. It’s 46 inches and has 3 blades for precise, thorough cutting. In terms of height adjustment, you can either cut your grass very short at 1.5 inches, or leave it longer at 4 inches. You can also easily convert the discharge system between mulching, bagging, and side discharge.

Digital dashboard

One of the more unique features of this tractor is the digital dashboard. It displays information like fuel level and cutting height, and reminds you when you need to change the oil, filters, or blades. Having this information right at your fingertips allows you to take care of your mower without having to remember everything all on your own.


Bigger gas tank

At 3.5 gallons, the Snapper’s gas tank is bigger than other mowers that have similar features. You can easily mow a larger yard without worrying about running out of gas, and you don’t have to fill up as frequently.

Fast speeds

With the Snapper NXT2346, you have variable speed as fast as 5.6 MPH going forward, and 3.5 MPH going backwards. You can mow very quickly and with the wide cutting deck, you don’t have to make a lot of passes either.

LED headlights

Sometimes you have to mow when the sun is setting or earlier in the morning when it’s still darker outside. The Snapper NXT2346 riding lawn mower has 100,000 Hour LED headlights that are very bright and keep you safe. You’ll be able to see any obstacles like toys or low bushes, and check to make sure you’re cutting the lawn evenly.


More expensive

This riding lawn mower is significantly more expensive than other similar mowers. However, those mowers don’t have a digital dashboard, a bigger gas tank and headlights. If you don’t really care about getting that information from the dash, or your yard isn’t big enough to warrant a big gas tank, you’re better off getting something more affordable. However, if you really want to know information about when to change the oil or check the blades, the dashboard is definitely worth the extra money.

Overall Review

The Snapper NXT2346 riding lawn tractor is a powerful, advanced, commercial style mower with a digital dashboard, headlights and a fantastic engine. It also boasts a wide cutting deck with three blades and three discharge options. You get a lot of cool features with this mower that are lacking in mowers with similar engines and cutting decks, like alerts about when your tractor needs maintenance and powerful headlights. Designed for medium to large lawns, this tractor has the power for big yards, without the big footprint.