Premium 30 Riding Lawn
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Compact, comfortable riding lawn mower with a 420cc engine, 30-inch cutting deck, and FastAttach accessory compatibility

The Troy-Bilt 13B226JD066 420cc Premium riding lawn mower is ideal for medium-sized lawns where a large (and expensive) lawn tractor wouldn’t be every efficient. Despite its compact size, the Troy-Bilt boasts a solid engine and smooth ride, so you can mow frequently without wearing down the mower or feeling uncomfortable. You can even add on FastAttach accessories for use in the winter if you choose.

420cc Single Troy-Bilt engine

The Troy-Bilt engine is a single cylinder with 420cc. As a smaller engine, it’s also quieter, and has a max forward speed of 4.25 MPH. The transmission is a 6-speed, so you have total control over your mower. In terms of turning radius, the Troy-Bilt is an 18-inch, so you can cut close to trees and bushes.

30-inch cutting deck

Having a good cutting deck is vital to your lawn’s health and fast mowing. This mower has a 30-inch cutting deck with 5 adjustable height settings. This is a perfect deck for medium lawns where you don’t have to make a lot of passes to complete the cutting, and it’s narrow enough to get into small corners that large mowers wouldn’t be able to fit into.

1.3 gallon tank

The Troy-Bilt is a gas mower. It holds just over a gallon of gas and has a fuel sight window, so you can always know when it’s time to fill up.



One of the Troy Bilt’ greatest strengths is that it’s versatile. Since it compatible with FastAttach accessories, you can easily add more bags or even snow tools so you can clear your lawn in the winter. Attaching the accessory is simple and you don’t even need tools to do it.


Sitting on a riding lawn mower for a long time can get very uncomfortable. The Troy-Bilt has a seat that you can raise for more support, and the steering wheel has a soft grip and adjustable height so you always feel comfortable driving.


Having a compact mower is very convenient if you have a medium-sized lawn, but not much garage space. You can easily maneuver around your lawn into tight spots and narrow edges, and then put the mower away in your garage or shed without having to organize your entire storage area.


Really small tank

The main downside to the Troy-Bilt Premium riding lawn mower is that the gas tank is very small. It only holds 1.3 gallons, so you have to fill it a lot more frequently if your lawn is on the larger side of medium-sized. This mower was not intended for use on large lawns.

Overall Review

The Troy-Bilt 13B226JD066 420cc Premium is a compact, reasonably-priced riding mower with a sturdy engine and accessory compatibility. You can make the most of the mower during any time of year with the proper accessories, and it’s always easy to drive around even in tight spots. Whether your lawn is medium-sized or you’re not in good enough shape (for age or health reasons) to mow with a walking mower, the Troy-Bilt is a great option.