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Compact, versatile benchtop router table with ProFence, accessory track, and durable construction

The Bench Dog 40-001 ProTop Contractor router table packs a big punch in a compact size. It’s a benchtop-style router table and has a lot of workspace despite its small size. It includes a high-quality fence, versatility-boosting features, and durable construction so you can work with heavier pieces without worrying about having to replace the table.

High-quality ProFence

The ProFence is a standout among router table fences. It is a heavy-duty fence made from one piece of aluminum that’s machined on both surfaces for a totally flat surface. Its sub-fences are easily adjustable and include a bit guard.

Accessory track

The Bench Dog’s aluminum miter accessory track fits most miter gauges and also includes T-slots for additional featherboards, switches, and so on. This track makes the router table totally customizable so you can add a wide range of additional tools like cutting dadoes.

Dust port

Wood-working creates a lot of dust, so to catch all of it, the 40-001 ProTop has an integrated 2.5-inch dust port. Most shop vacuum hoses will fit into the port so you can keep your work area clean.



This router table is very durable and built to last. The laminated top is non-marring and has stress-skin construction so it’s very strong and flat. The rails that support the router are made of steel, and the cabinet that houses the router is birch plywood, which is more durable than plastic or stamped steel stands. Rubber feet help keep everything stable.

Easy to install any router

With some router tables, only a few routers are compatible so you have to track the right one down before you can start working. The Bench Dog is compatible with most routers on the market and the router plate (which is included) is pre-drilled so installing the router is super easy. Bigger routes fit easily in the spacious cabinet.


The Bench Dog ProTop Contractor is a very versatile table. In addition to the accessory track, the table has dual fence slots so you can slip the ProFence around to fit larger panels. This is especially useful since this table is on the smaller size to save space. Working on larger panels or smaller projects is easy.


Too compact for big projects

Though the Bench Dog can handle a lot of weight considering its size, it’s still a bit too compact for really big projects. Long stock pieces might be awkward to work with and you won’t be able to cut as precisely as you would with smaller pieces. For the price however, you do get a table that can do a lot more than comparable router tables which can only handle light, detail work.

Overall Review

The Bench Dog 40-001 ProTop Contractor benchtop router table is a very impressive table that manages to be compact, but still have a lot of workspace. The ProFence and dual fence slots create space very efficiently so you can work on a variety of projects, even ones that require heavier pieces. If you have limited workshop space but want a table with a high-quality fence that works with most routers, this Bench Dog is worth a try.