Tools 40-102 ProMax Router
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Small, sturdy router table with ProFence, T-slot, and cast-iron construction

The Bench Dog Tools 40-102 ProMax router table is primarily meant for table saws and is ideal for small spaces. It includes a ProFence with dual slot configuration, T-slots, and a very sturdy cast-iron construction so you can work with heavier stock. If your projects call for table saws and you want a table that will last, look into the Bench Dog 40-102.


The ProFence is one of the best router table fences out there. When you use your table saw, the fence dismounts quickly so you can hang it on the j-hooks while you work. The fence is constructed from one piece of machined aluminum, so it’s extremely flat and accurate. Dual fence slot configuration lets you to move the fence so you can work from either side of the table. This is very convenient for smaller spaces.

MDF sub-fences

The sub-fences, which help with support and alignment, easily adjust without the use of any tools, so you can work much faster while still getting very precise cuts and measurements.

T-slot for featherboards and accessories

When you want more featherboards or other useful accessories, you can easily mount them in the Bench Dog’s T-slot. You can adjust this slot for different bit sizes by loosening or tightening the bolts.



Having a sturdy router table is important so you feel secure and safe while you work. The Bench Dog 40-102 ProMax is made from cast-iron that is both durable and helps decrease vibrations so your cuts are more precise. The bit guard is also heavy-duty.

Fits all contractor-grade table saws

Since this router table accommodates table saws, how many kinds it can use is worth knowing. All contractor-grade table saws are compatible, as are all right-tilt cabinet-grade table saws.


The Bench Dog is sturdy, but small enough to easily move around your workshop when you need to. Its size is also convenient if you have a smaller workshop or garage where you plan on using the table.


Can be hard to assemble

The heavy-cast iron makes this table difficult to assemble if you aren’t experienced. Have someone come over to help you. On the other hand, that same cast-iron is what makes the table so sturdy, so once it’s assembled, the iron only offers benefits.

Doesn’t include router plate

The other downside to the 40-102 is that it doesn’t come with a router plate. You have to buy the ProPlate separately, and even some other Bench Dog-brand plates won’t fit, so finding the right one can be a bother.

Overall Review

The Bench Dog Tools 40-102 ProMax router table is ideal for small workshops. Features like the dual fence slot configuration on the ProFence allow for more workspace, and the T-slots lets you add useful accessories if you choose. The table is built to last and was intended for use with table saws, so you can work on a variety of projects using this sturdy, portable table.