Cabinet Style Table
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Versatile, cabinet-style router table with accessory slot and two featherboards

The Bosch RA1171 is a cabinet-style router table that provides space for a router and all your other tools. It’s also very versatile and sturdy, so you can work with a variety of wood types, weights, and shapes from start-to-finish. If you’re a relatively experienced wood-worker and want a table that can handle some heavier weight and has room for accessories, the RA1171 is a great table to look at.

Aluminum fence and router mounting plate

The fence on a router table is very important. Without a good fence, you won’t be able to really work on any project very effectively. The fence on the RA1171 is made from aluminum and it’s tall, so you can work with taller stock pieces easily. It has adjustable, MDF face plates that are durable and provide smooth operation. The router mounting plate is also made of aluminum and stays flat so you can make accurate cuts. The plate is pre-drilled for different types of routers.

Two featherboards

The Bosch RA1171 comes with not one, but two featherboards that attach to the fence and table. They are adjustable so you can fit any kind of piece on the table and stay in control as you work.

Dual outlet switch

Routers and router tables can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. It only takes an unlocked door and a curious child for something bad to happen. The Bosch values safety, so it comes with a dual outlet switch that locks so no one uses the router table if you aren’t around to supervise. The power cord is six-feet long, so even if your table isn’t right by an outlet, you have some cord space to play with.


Collects dust

Sanding and trimming is dusty work. Instead of allowing the dust to fly around all over your garage or shed, the Bosch has two dust collection ports where the dust settles. When you’re ready to clean up, any standard 2.5-inch vacuum hose fits into the ports so a vacuum can suck up all the mess.


Having a sturdy router table is very important especially for heavier pieces. It your table wobbles, it’s hard to make accurate or precise cuts. The RA1171 is made from materials like aluminum and weighs 42 pounds so it doesn’t vibrate much as you work.


With a versatile router table, you can work on a variety of jobs such as engraving wood or cutting lumber. The fence design allows you to work on taller pieces while the starter pin and guard are ideal for working with curved pieces. You can add more featherboards, a miter gauge, and so on using the accessory slot. In terms of what routers work with this table, you can choose from up to 15 compatible routers.


Not pre-assembled

While most router tables require some assembly, the Bosch RA1171 router table requires a bit more than comparable models. Everything is in pieces, so you need to spend about 20-30 minutes making sure everything is in the right place. If you aren’t experienced, it could take longer. You can help reduce setup time by having someone help you.

Overall Review

Overall, the Bosch RA1171 cabinet-style router table provides room for accessories whether it’s in the cabinet itself or using the accessory slot to attach more featherboards. It’s a versatile table that lets you work on taller pieces and the fence and mounting plate help you make more accurate, precise cuts. If you want a relatively small but sturdy table that can handle heavier projects as well as more detail-oriented jobs, consider the RA1171.