Craftsman Router Reviews
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Router table with 9.5-amp motor, adjustable features, and lots of work space

For an all-in-one workshop that’s ideal if you are just starting out with a router, the Craftsman router and router table combo is a great choice. It comes with everything you need to get started on wood-working projects besides the wood. Included is an excellent router and a good-sized table with lots of adjustable features for precise cutting. This review will detail these highlights and also some of the issues that might come up.

9.5 amp router

The Craftsman combo comes with its own router. With a 1 ¾ HP motor with 27,000 RPMs, you can cut through very hard wood with it, even wood like hickory. It’s permanently lubricated and has sealed ball bearings so the motor lasts a long time.

Adjustable fence

The Craftsman’s fence is both extendable and adjustable. Both the infeed and outfeed stretch out to two inches, so you can fit a variety of larger bits through the holes.

Dust extraction port

As you work on your projects, you’ll probably generate a lot of dust and debris. Instead of having to clean up your whole workshop afterwards, the Craftsman has a 2 ¼-inch dust port that connects to either a wet or dry vacuum for easy cleanup.



One of this router/router table’s strengths is precision. In addition to the adjustable fence, the cutting depths easily adjust to micro-fine levels so you can make very subtle, accurate changes. The miter gauge also adjusts up to 60 degrees in both directions, so fine-detailed work is always precisely done.

Lots of workspace

You have a lot of workspace with this table. The tabletop, which has a thick laminated surface, provides 334 square inches of space with a 11/16-inch thickness. You can work with longer pieces easily without feeling cramped.

All-in-one workshop

What really separates the Craftsman Router Table combo from the pack is that it’s basically an all-in-one workshop. In addition to the router, it comes with a wrench, dust guard, two featherboards, there insert rings, hardware, and a detailed manual. This is an ideal setup for someone just beginning with wood-working and who isn’t sure of all the things they’ll need.


Weak construction

The main downside to this router table is that it isn’t made from especially strong materials. The table inserts are plastic, as are the knobs and tabs. They can break pretty easily, so your table might not last as long as you’d like. The router is the strongest part of this deal, so you can keep that if you need to upgrade to another router table in a few years.

Overall Review

As a router table for beginners, the Craftsman Router and Router Table Combo is a great choice. It includes all the necessary features like a good adjustable fence, adjustable cutting depths, and lots of workspace, and as a bonus, a 9.5-amp router. For all of this, the combo is still pretty affordable and offers precise, accurate cuts on woods as hard as hickory.