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Smooth, attachable ‘mini’ router table with adjustable fence

The Dremel 231 Shaper and Router Table harnesses the power of rotary tools and is a fantastic router table for hobbyists. The compact ‘mini’ router table helps keep all your projects and tools organized without taking up too much room by attaching to your workbench. It also helps ensure accurate, precise cuts or trims even on detailed work. By using this table, you are able to work with a variety of materials for a variety of purposes without wasting time or energy.

Turns rotary tools into wood shaper

The Dremel 231 turns rotary tools into high-quality wood shapers. By inserting the rotary tool into the table, you have the ability to craft and shape a variety of woods easily and finish a project from start to finish. The Dremel attaches directly to a workbench and keep all your tools and wood pieces organized so you can work faster and more efficiently.

Slot, groove, sand and trim edges

There are lots of tasks you can do with the router table. Whether you’re trimming wood or sanding rough edges, the job will be quick and easy. To sand, put a sanding drum into the table and place your materials against the drum. Even making grooves with different bits is simple, as is making slots.

Smooth tabletop with adjustable fence

The Dremel is comprised of a smooth tabletop (that attaches to workbench) and an adjustable fence which allows you to use trim, sand, etc, a variety of wood sizes and types. Some fences are locked in place, so you’re limited in what you can work with, so having the ability to make adjustments broadens what you can do.


Easy to use

Even if you aren’t experienced with rotary tools and tables, figuring out the Dremel 231 is easy. Insert your rotary tool under the table and mount a bit into it. There are also easy-grip, plastic knobs and a screwdriver slot so you can easily assemble tools and make depth adjustments.

Convenient size

The Dremel 231 Shaper and Router Table is the perfect balance between spacious and compact. You have a good amount of work space so you don’t feel like your projects are getting cramped, but the table is still small enough so it fits into a small workshop. Simply attach the compact table to your workbench to use. When you aren’t using it, you can easily store it in a cabinet.


You can work on a variety of projects using the table. Whether you’re making small models, doll furniture, or doing detailed engraving work, the router table allows you to work with any shaping bit or unusually-shaped wood.


Poor instructions

The instructions regarding how to attach the workbench and rotary tools are not especially clear. If you haven’t put together a router table before, you might get confused and not do it right. Before you start working, be sure the table is assembled properly. Look online for more detailed instructions or ask someone with a router table to take a look at yours. The silver lining is that router tables don’t require that much assembly, so once you figure it out, it won’t take much time.

Not for heavy-duty work

Another weakness is that the Dremel 231 cannot handle heavy pieces or projects. It’s a very light, small table, so it’s ideal for lighter wood-working like model-making and engraving. If you plan on working with more heavy-duty pieces, you’ll be happier with another table, but for detail work, this table is great.

Overall Review

Wood-working becomes easy and precise with the compact and affordable Dremel 231 shaper and router table. You can sand and trim any kind of wood into a variety of shapes, even weird ones, without getting frustrated or struggling with inaccurate cuts or edges. The table is best for light, detailed work like engraving patterns into frames, and fits in smaller workspaces or shops.