Festool P00111 CMS-GE Router Table Set
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Portable, fully-loaded router table with precise adjustments, sliding table top, and superior dust collection

The Festool P00111 CMS-GE router table set is a very impressive router table system. It’s portable, but not small, and has features that make it ideal for professionals. Some of these features include a fence and bit with precise adjustments, a sliding table top, and a dust-free work environment. Whether you’re working in your garage or on a work site, the Festool helps you get the job done.

Fence with independently-adjustable sides

The Festool fence is uniquely-designed because you can adjust each side independently, like a split-design. There’s a built-in precision micro-adjustment as well, so you can very small, precise cuts. This gives you total control over each workpiece and cuts, as well as more versatility.

Sliding table top

The sliding tabletop on this router table gives you a lot of workspace and control, so stock pieces have a “rolling” support as the surface moves with the piece as you move it across. The table also has built-in mounting points for miter gauges. You can use the miter gauges to clamp your workpiece to the gauge fence so its secure as it moves with the table.

Bit-height adjustment

The Festool CMS-GE is all about precision. In addition to the top-mounted height adjustment, which you would usually have to pay for to have installed in other router tables, the table has a bit height-adjustment you can fine-tune in 1/100-mm increments. These are tiny adjustments that give you exceptional control and precision over every project.



One of the coolest features on the CMS-GE professional router table is how it transforms into a bench top or a free-standing table. It has folding legs, so you can fold them up for a bench top, or you can use the standing version if you choose. This is also especially handy for transporting the table: fold up the legs and put it in the trunk, drive to your work site, and then unfold the legs for a standing workshop.

Superior dust collection

Most router tables have some kind of dust collection port, but the system on the Festool P00111 is above the rest. It has an In-Fence and Below-the-Table dust port, so all the sawdust and chips are contained.

Unique starting pin

A starting pin helps with jobs like freehand edging and acts as a guide into cuts as an index point. The starting pin on this particular router table has a tapered end, which is unique, so it rests on the bit bearing, giving you total control. It’s just another feature that makes this table so precise.



The main weakness with the Festool CMS-GE is that it’s really expensive. Unless woodworking is part of your job, or you’re a serious hobbyist with the money, you probably don’t need a table this expensive to meet your needs. However, if you are a professional or other tables just haven’t lived up to your expectations, the CMS-GE is exceptional.

Overall Review

The Festool P00111 CMS-GE router table is very intense. It functions as both a bench top and a free-standing table, and works as a clean, safe, and precise system for any project. The fence and sliding table are both unique and give you total control and flexibility over any workpiece length/weight. The Festool is ideal for professionals who need to have extremely accurate, consistent results, but it isn’t so complicated that a serious hobbyist couldn’t benefit from the table as well.