Kreg PRS1040 Precision
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Durable router table with very accurate leveling abilities, universal router compatibility, and T-square fence

The Kreg PRS1040 Precision router table system is an extremely durable router table that also offers superior leveling for accurate, precise work. If you’re an experienced woodworker and have been looking for a table upgrade, this is definitely one to consider. It works with nearly every router and boasts an excellent T-square fence and insert plate, so the whole table works as a system designed for accuracy and longevity.

T-square fence

A T-square fence is a fence that is fit permanently to the miter slot at a parallel angle. This means you get automatic squaring with the table, and making small adjustments is very quick and easy. The T-square fence on the Kreg PRS1040 is made from durable aluminum and has two fence faces that adjust independently from each other, so the table also functions as a vertical jointer.

MDF tabletop

A router table’s tabletop needs to be durable if you plan on using the table for a long time. The PRS1040’s tabletop is edge-bended and the MDF surface is resistant to both noise and vibration. On top of that MDF is a laminate, micro-dot skin that stock pieces easily slide across for smooth, easy cutting. Two steel supports keep the table from bending under heavy weight, so you can work on a wide variety of projects without worrying about what the table can handle.

Phenolic insert plate

The insert plate is where your router tool is mounted. It’s made from phenolic, which is extremely durable, and is compatible with just about any router. You can get the perfect fit using the included template, and the dual reducing rings with three lock-down screws make it easy to insert the router and keep it secure.



A good router table needs to be durable. If a table is weak or made from poor-quality materials, it will quickly wear down or become unstable, making it difficult to work precisely and accurately. The PRS1040’s fence is made from aluminum, and the steel stand and phenolic plate help keep the rest of the table stable and secure so bits aren’t wobbling out of place.

Extremely accurate leveling

Leveling with this router table is extremely accurate. It has bottom-up levelers with 8 contact points, as well as lock-down screws that adjust heights between 31-36 inches for very precise measurements. Trying to level with other tables that require you to eyeball measurements or that have inaccurate built-ins is very frustrating and can mess up your project. Not so with this Kreg.

Works with nearly all routers

Another one of the PRS1040’s strengths is that the insert plate mount works with just about any router. You don’t have to drill holes all the time to get a router to fit, and even on the off-chance that a router doesn’t fit, Kreg will drill the holes for you free of charge.


Poor dust collection

The downside to this router table is that the dust collection port isn’t very good. It can be hard to get all the dust out with a vacuum and the port clogs up when there’s too much dust. Having dust around is more of an annoyance than a deal-breaker though, as it doesn’t reduce the usefulness of the table as a whole.

Overall Review

The Kreg PRS1040 Precision router table system is great for experienced woodworkers who want a more precise, durable table. It has universal compatibility so just about any router works with the table, and it’s made from extremely durable materials so you don’t have to purchase another table after only a few years. Its greatest strength is just how accurate leveling is, so if precision and accuracy are your priorities, this is a table to consider.