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Versatile router table with T-square fence, lots of workspace, and included extras

If you’re a woodworker and looking for a table that provides you with a lot of space and included extras, the Kreg PRS1045 Precision router table has what you need. It provides everything but the router, including a great fence with automatic squaring, two featherboards, and versatile, adjustable features.

T-square fence

T-square fences are unique because they stay parallel to the miter and T-slot, automatically squaring the fence and allowing you to make small adjustments. This is very convenient for beginners who don’t have experience with squaring. The fence is made from sturdy aluminum that supports big stock pieces, and locks firmly in place. The two sliding fence faces also serve as a vertical jointer.

24’’ x 32 ‘’ tabletop

A large workspace allows you to work comfortably with large stock pieces. The Kreg PRS1045 measures 24 ‘’ x 32’’ so you have lots of space to play with. The tabletop itself is very durable so you can smoothly work with pieces on it for years to come.

Two featherboards

Featherboards are a crucial safety feature on any router table. They block your fingers from slipping into the router tool. They also help pieces stay supported and straight. The Kreg has two featherboards, so you are extra safe while you make accurate cuts.



The Kreg PRS1045 has at least two features designed purely for versatility. The combination miter and T-track are unique and make working with the table easy and flexible, while the adjustable legs allow you to choose your table height. Adjusting the table height can also help when you are choosing a router and need to use a larger one.

Included extras

When you get the Kreg PRS1045, you get a full kit that’s ideal for beginners. You get the table, castors, switch, setup bars, stop, and two featherboards. With these parts, your router table is equipped to be a great workshop.

Collects dust

Another plus to the PRS1045 Precision is that it has a full-length dust collection port. Dust collects in this chamber as you work, and when you’re done, you just vacuum up all the dust.


Pricey for first router table

For a beginner, you can get more affordable tables, even ones that include a router tool. The Kreg PRS1045 is a bit pricey for your first table. However, you do get a more unique table with the T-square fence and combination miter/T-slot, so that in itself is worth a little more money.

Overall Review

The Kreg PRS1045 Precision router table comes with a unique, durable fence, precise and accurate measuring, and lots of workspace where a beginner or experienced woodworker can handle big stock pieces and projects. Because you get a full kit (excluding the router itself), and the automatic squaring with the fence, this is a great router table for a beginner. The two featherboards add some extra safety, which also good for the more inexperienced.