SKIL Router Table
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Accurate, precise router table with easy router attachment, two featherboards, and accessory containers

The SKIl RAS900 router table is packed with features that make it an all-in-one workshop. The features include two featherboards and containers for accessories, so you have lots of workspace and room for storing your tools. The router table ensures accurate and precise work and is ideal for lighter projects. If much of your wood-working projects involve detailed tasks like engraving or trimming, the SKIL is a table to check out.

Two featherboards

When it comes to precision with your work, you need featherboards to help guide the pieces. The SKIL comes with 2 featherboards that easily attach or even detach if you want to work with featherboards from other brands. This switching-out makes the table very versatile and customizable to your liking.

Quick clamp router mount

Attaching a router to the router table can be a pain, but it’s easy with this table. The Quick Clamp Router Mount attaches (and releases) a variety of router brands without router inserts, so you can start working right away. The Quick Clamp system also helps with changing bits.

Starter pin/guard

The use of curves is very common in wood-working, especially with pieces of furniture. The SKIL includes a starter pin and guard that supports these curves so your work is always accurate and precise.



Wood-working requires a lot of precision. No matter how skilled you are, you will need some guidance to ensure perfect cuts and curves. The SKIL includes a bit height gauge so you set up your bits very easily for precise, smooth cutting at any height.

Accessory containers

It’s very easy to get disorganized and let all your tools take over your work space. To ensure a tidy, organized workshop, the SKIL comes with built-in accessory storage containers. You can keep all your tools in one place so everything is right at your fingertips when you need it.


The SKIL comes pre-assembled, so you can just insert your router and start working right away. Because it uses a folding design, there aren’t any parts to put together. The folding legs also help with storage efficiency.


Not for heavy-duty use

Though the folding table and legs make the SKIL easy to store, it also weakens the table as a whole. If you try working with something heavier, the table will bend, which isn’t safe or productive. If you plan on using your router table for more detailed, light work, the SKIL is more than sturdy enough.

Overall Review

The SKIL is full of convenient, neat features that make the router table a breeze to use. Things like the bit height gauge, Quick Clamp system, and storage containers ensure organized, precise work that helps increase accuracy. If you have lots of projects that involve more detail work like trimming, sanding, or engraving, this router table is great.