Indoor Rowing Machine PM5
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Extremely effective rowing machine with advanced monitor and flywheel design

The Concept2 Model D indoor rowing machine offers a host of technological features like USB and wireless compatibility, as well as an easy-to-store design and performance that Olympic athletes have taken advantage of. A flywheel design provides smooth, comfortable movement so you can build strength and stamina. Continue reading to learn more about these features, as well as any issues you might encounter while using the rower.

Flywheel design

The Concept2 rower uses a flywheel design that creates resistance using air. This method is considered more effective than flywheels that use magnetic tension, so you get a very quiet, smoother experience using this rower than you would have with others. As you row faster, the tension increases, so as you improve, you are challenged more.

Performance Monitor 5 (PM5)

The Concept2 uses the Performance Monitor 5 to track all your workout data, including distance, pace, and calories burned. It also includes a wide range of preset workouts and games so working out is always fun and unpredictable if you want it to be. You can even store each workout’s data on a USB flash drive and put it on either a Mac or a PC so you can measure your progress. To measure heart rate, you can connect a compatible monitor wireless to the machine.

Caster wheels

Since this rower is relatively large, it can be tricky to store and move around. Thankfully, the Concept2 Model D comes with smooth-rolling caster wheels so you can wheel it around when you need to store it or if you want it in a different room.


Advanced technology

This rower’s greatest strength is its advanced technology. With the PM5 monitor and wireless capabilities, you can do more with your machine, even race it against other rowers and connect it to your Smartphone. Bring your workouts into the 21st century and easily set goals and see improvement using the data gathered from the rower’s monitor.

Easy to store

Unless you are fortunate enough to have a permanent workout room, you’ll have to find a more compact place to store your rower when you aren’t using it. In addition to the smooth-moving wheels, the rower can separate into two pieces for more space-efficient storage.


Another positive to the Concept2 Model D is how durable it is. It was designed by a former Olympic rower and is used by professional athletes for low-impact exercise, so it was made to withstand frequent use. It has a nickel-plated chain as opposed to the fabric of some other rowers, so it won’t wear out after only a few years.



The main drawback to this rower is how expensive it is. It is on the upper-end of what most people pay for a rower, so if you aren’t really serious about rowing, you might want to go with a more affordable machine. However, because of that price, you get a wide range of technological features and improved machine performance that cheaper models just can’t offer.


Another potential problem is the rower’s size. When it’s all assembled, it’s about 9 feet x 4 feet. If you have an apartment, the rower will dominate most rooms. However, you can use the rower in a garage if you have to, and when you store it, it does come apart so it is smaller.

Overall Review

The Concept2 Model D indoor rowing machine is an intense, upper-end rowing machine that is packed with technological features designed to guide you through workouts. You can measure everything from pace to calories to distance for later storage in a computer, as well as wireless connect a heart monitor. The rower is also very durable and provides strong resistance from the flywheel for a productive workout.