4001397116950 Favorit Rowing Machine
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Workout machine mimics real rowing with hydraulic cylinders, training computer, and quiet operation

Using a circular rowing motion (as opposed to tugging), the Kettler Favorit rowing machine offers a low-impact, muscle-building workout that anyone can benefit from. The Kettler works by using two hydraulic cylinders and has a training computer that shows your progress. Keep reading this article for more information on the Kettler Favorit’s strengths and weaknesses.

Hydraulic cylinders

The Kettler provides strength-building resistance using two hydraulic cylinders. These cylinders contain fluid, which is different from air or magnetic-driven rowers. The cylinders provide leverage-style tension adjustments so you increase or decrease the tension for your workouts.

LCD Computer

In order to keep track of workout data like time, strokes, and distance, the Kettler Favorit includes an LCD computer monitor. It also has the ability to calculate kilojoules, which is the measurement for energy consumption. Record your data to chart your improvement and set goals.

Included earlobe clip

Unlike many rowers that don’t have any way to measure heart rate, the Kettler has an earlobe clip that measures your heart rate electronically. Knowing your heart rate is very important when you’re working out for health reasons, and so you can judge how intense your workouts are and if you need to back down or increase the intensity.



One of the Kettler’s strengths is its durability. Because rowers use such repetitive motion, it’s easy for flimsy parts to wear down very quickly. The Kettler is made from steel and has an aluminum track, so you can use the machine a lot and it will stay sturdy for years to come.


One of the benefits of using a rower with hydraulic cylinders is the quiet operation. The Kettler is virtually silent so you can use it during the evenings, early in the morning, and while you watch TV or listen to music.

Works in any space

Depending on your living situation, you don’t have a set place for workout equipment. Thanks to the anti-slip floor protectors and a relatively compact size (4×3 feet), you can keep the Kettler rower anywhere and hide it away for easy storage.


Resistance is hard to adjust

Though it has many benefits, one of the downsides to using hydraulic resistance is that rowing becomes easier the longer you do it. You can change the adjustment so the resistance becomes hard again, but doing this isn’t as easy as it is on other rowers.

Overall Review

The Kettler Favorit rowing machine offers a much quieter operation than other rowers and includes a heart monitor you can clip to your earlobe. It can be tricky to adjust the resistance on this machine, but you still get a full-body, low-impact workout from the circular rowing design. Track your progress using the LCD console and don’t worry about the machine breaking down, as it is made from very durable materials like steel.