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Beautiful, smooth water rowing machine with series 4 performance monitor and solid ash wood construction

Water-resistance rowing machines are known for their natural, smooth rowing experience and the WaterRower Club rowing machine is no exception. It is made from solid ash which helps absorb noise, so your workout is always quiet and challenging. For tracking your progress, the machine includes a series 4 performance monitor.

Water flywheel

As a water-resistance rower, the Club is powered as you row and resistance increases the faster you row. The water flywheel is made from two paddles within a tank of water, which mimics the feeling and drag of paddles in a real body of water. This system is self-regulating and doesn’t wear out over time like rowers that use other forms of resistance, like magnetic or air.

Series 4 performance monitor

To track your progress and stats, the Club uses a series 4 performance monitor (S4 monitor). It’s easy to use and shows your stroke rate, heart rate, workout time, distance, and workout intensity. You can also choose to use the included heart rate strap and receiver.

Solid ash

Unlike most rowing machines that are made of metal, the Club is constructed from beautiful solid ash wood. It’s designed to absorb sound and vibrations, so you can work out while you watch TV, listen to music, or early in the morning when everyone else is asleep.



With a lot of rowers, you have to manually adjust the tension so you get more resistance. This transition can be jerky and doesn’t feel natural. Because the rower’s resistance is determined by you, the Club always feel smooth even as you slow down (decreasing the resistance) or speed up (increasing the resistance).

Works for anyone’s weight

A lot of rowers have a weight limit between 250-350. While this works for many people, taller and/or heavier people often have trouble finding rowers that can accommodate them. The Club has a 1,000-weight maximum, so anyone can use the rower and do not have to worry about it giving out.

Superior construction

The WaterRower club rower is made from premium ash wood which is chosen especially for longevity and stability. You can feel confident that the machine will last for years even under stress and with frequent use.



One of the downsides to the Club is that it’s pretty big and bulky. It takes up a lot of space when you’re using it, so you need to have a decent-sized workout room. It does store upright, so storage isn’t difficult and you can put the machine away in a corner or closet when not in use.


Water rowers are more expensive than other kinds of machines, and ones made from wood are at the higher end. The WaterRower Club costs a lot, so it won’t be possible for many families to invest. However, it does last a really long time so you won’t have to buy another machine and it provides more stability and comfort than cheaper rowers.

Overall Review

The WaterRower Club rowing machine is made from solid ash and works using a water flywheel. This results in quiet, smooth rowing that’s unlike more jerky, mechanical rowers made of metal. If you want to know what it really feels like to row, the Club is a great way to find out.