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Compact, hydraulic-powered rowing machine with five resistance levels, durable construction, and simple fitness monitor

The Stamina 1215 orbital rowing machine provides a full-body workout with its hydraulic-powered five resistance levels. You can track valuable workout data using the easy-to-follow fitness monitor and use the Stamina anywhere you want, because it’s compact. This review will highlight some of the machine’s best features, in addition to concerns that you might face.

Hydraulic cylinders

The Stamina 1215 generates tension using smooth, hydraulic cylinder action. The resistance is created by the amount of compressed fluid located within the hydraulic cylinder. You can adjust the tension controls and work out with up to 5 different resistance levels.

Five resistance levels

What’s unique about these resistance levels is that you can adjust them separately from each other, so you can work out with a higher tension on one arm than the other. The levels increase or decrease by sliding and tightening adjusters located on the arm handle. You can even adjust the beam incline to fit your intensity goals.

Easy-to-use fitness monitor

The fitness monitor on the Stamina is simple and collects a lot of important workout data so you measure your progress and set goals. Designed with a single button, the monitor shows distance (in miles), speed, time, strokes, and calories burned.



If you aren’t comfortable when you use a rowing machine, you’ll dread exercising and will never meet your goals. Luckily, the Stamina is designed to be comfortable, so you can row smoothly without straining or bumping anything against the machine. It has a thick, padded seat and pivoting foot plates.


A rowing machine needs to be durable if you want it to last for more than a few years. Rowers are big purchases, so you want one that will hold up to frequent use. The Stamina’s beam is made from precision-extruded aluminum and uses a deluxe ball-bearing roller system so rowing is always smooth and mechanically-sound.

Easy to store

As a compact rower, storing the Stamina is easy. Unless you have a workout room where you keep exercise equipment out all the time, you need to be able to put your rower away when you aren’t using it. The Stamina’s rowing arms fold up so it fits easily into closets or in corners.


Very basic monitor

The electronic monitor on the Stamina Orbital rowing machine is very basic. For the price, one would expect preset workouts, games, a heart rate monitor, or wireless capabilities. On the other hand, you may not require all those bells-and-whistles, and the information the Stamina gives could be just right.

Awkward for short or tall people

If you’re shorter than average or taller than average, using the Stamina 1215 could be awkward. The beam is either too long for you or too short. If you are of average height it might fit you without a problem.

Overall Review

If you’re looking for a sturdy workout machine with a basic electronic monitor, then the Stamina 1215 is a great option. It’s compact, so you can use it in a small space like an apartment or garage, and is comfortable to use so you can row for extended periods of time without straining yourself. Though it lacks many of the more advanced features that rowers in this general price range have, it’s still very durable and provides the most important workout data and five smooth resistance levels.