Stamina ATS 1399 Air
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Comfortable, flywheel rowing machine that uses wind resistance and electronic monitoring

For a smooth, natural rowing experience that builds strength, the Stamina ATS 1399 Air rower is both effective and comfortable. To track your workout, just use the electronic monitoring system that calculates data like speed, distance, and calories. It also includes features like a padded seat, floor protectors, and built-in wheels. For more information about both the positives and negatives of this rower, keep reading this article.

Wind-resistance, flywheel design

The Stamina 1399 Air rower is powered by a flywheel that uses wind resistance to create the tension. When you pull, the flywheel spins, generating wind tension so the faster the flywheel moves, the harder it is to row. You can get a really challenging workout with this machine that increases with you.

Electronic monitor

To chart your progress and set goals with the rower, you have a convenient electronic monitor right on the Stamina ATS 1399. It calculates speed, workout time, distance, and how many calories you’ve burned. Though this particular rower doesn’t include a heart rate monitor, you can purchase one pretty easily (cheap ones are between $30-$50).

Oversized seat rail

The seat rail is what the seat moves across as you row. Many tall people have trouble with rowers because the rail isn’t long enough. The Stamina Air’s seat rail is oversized, so no matter how tall you are, you will be able to row comfortably and smoothly.



Because you could be rowing for a long time, it’s important that you feel secure and comfortable. The Stamina rowing machine has a lot of features designed for this purpose. It has a padded seat, textured hand grips, and large footplates. As you get stronger, being in the rowing position gets easier and more comfortable, but as a beginner, the machine does all it can to make the transition easy.

Smoother rowing

Thanks to the wind-resistance and flywheel design, the Stamina Air provides an exceptional smooth rowing experience. Air rowing machines have the closest feel to real rowing, so your movement is natural and works out your whole body.

Works everywhere

Regardless of where you end up keeping your rower, the Stamina Air Rower Rowing Machine will fit right in. It has floor protectors so the machine doesn’t skid around if you’re using the rower on linoleum or other slippery surfaces, and the machine has built-in wheels so you can easily move the rower from one to the next. When you need to store it, it folds up nicely to a more compact size.


Wears down quickly

The major downside to the Stamina Air Rower 1399 is that its parts can wear down quickly. Both the rowing strap and foot straps are made of nylon, which will start to break down after frequent use. Many other rowers have sturdier straps like Velcro or nickel, and last longer. On the other hand, because the machine uses air-resistance, the machine doesn’t have to work as hard so there isn’t as much stress on the straps.

Overall Review

If you want a rowing machine that actually imitates real rowing more than other rowers, the Stamina Air rower’s wind-resistance design allow you to have that. You also get an easy-to-read computer monitor that keeps track of all your workout stats and an over sized, padded seat and seat rail for increased comfort. Whether you keep your rowing machine in your garage on concrete or in a living room with carpet, the Stamina Air fits right in.