And Fitness Rowing Machine
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Compact, easy-to-use rowing machine with electronic monitor and 12 adjustable resistance levels

The Sunny Health and Fitness rowing machine offers a full-body workout without taking up the space that larger rowers do. It is also affordable, easy to use, and has a maximum capacity of 220 pounds. To track your progress, the electronic monitor on the Sunny provides valuable information about burned calories, workout time, and so on. Read on to learn about the specific strengths and weakness of this useful workout machine.

12 levels of adjustable resistance

With the rower, you work out all your muscle groups using the resistance that the machine provides. The Sunny rowing machine has 12 resistance levels that you can easily adjust to either increase or decrease the tension as you exercise. Switching up the tensions on the machine and changing how you position your hands helps keep the workout productive and challenging.

Electronic monitor

It’s important to be able to track your workouts so you can measure your progress over the weeks and months. The Sunny has an easy-to-read electronic monitor that keeps track of workout time, strokes, and burned calories.

Comfortable parts

In order to use a rowing machine for any significant amount of time and see improvement in your fitness, you need to be comfortable. The Sunny Health and Fitness rower has a comfortable seat, pivoting foot plates, and adjustable foot straps so you can make adjustments according to your height for the best possible fit.



The Sunny’s greatest strength is its affordability. A lot of rowing machines can be very expensive and even hit three figures. The Sunny is one of the cheapest rowers and provides all the necessary features (no bells and whistles) to get a great workout. Its affordability makes it more accessible to a variety of budgets.

Easy to use

Another bonus to this rowing machine is how easy it is to use. After you get the box, the machine assembles very quickly and you can start rowing right away. With the comfortable seat, straps, and foot plates, you can row comfortably for however long you want without feeling overly strained or confused about the monitor’s readouts.

Lightweight and compact

If you have a smaller workout room or even an apartment, the Sunny will fit snugly without intruding on your lifestyle. It’s a compact machine and only weighs 24 pounds, so you can use it in your apartment’s main area and then easily move it into storage when you’re done. It even folds down so it can fit into closets.


Less advanced monitor

The main problem with the Sunny is its monitor. Compared to other (more expensive) rowers, the computer is less advanced and doesn’t provide information like heart rate or calories based on weight input. To compensate these weaknesses, you can purchase an inexpensive heart rate monitor, and you will still get the amount of calories burned from the Sunny’s monitor, just not ones specific to you and the resistance you used.

Overall Review

All in all, the Sunny Health and Fitness rowing machine is a very affordable, simple rowing machine that gets the job done. It’s compact enough for small spaces and easy to store, so it’s very convenient for everyone regardless of the size of your house or apartment. Build your back, ab, and arm muscles using the 12 levels of resistance, and keep track of your progress using the electronic monitor. Whether you’re trying to lose weight or just want an easy way to workout indoors, the Sunny is very effective.