Velocity CHR-2001
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Smooth, quiet, tug-style rower with 12 workout programs and built-in wheels

The Velocity CHR-2001 Exercise Magnetic rower uses magnetic resistance and 12 workout programs to provide you with a full-body, low-impact workout. It operates very smoothly and includes a LCD monitor with important workout data. It’s also a bit bigger than other rowers, so if you’re tall, this will fit you perfectly. Continue reading to learn about these features and some of the problems the rower has.

Drum magnetic control system

The Velocity’s main feature is how it creates the muscle-toning effort that rowing machines are known for. It uses a drum magnetic control system combined with electronic tension control so you can easily adjust the resistance right from the machine’s computer monitor. Choose from 12 programs (6 manual and 6 preset) for a complete, challenging workout. You operate this particular rower by tugging, as opposed to rowing in a circular motion with “oars.”

LCD monitor and strap-on heart rate monitor

To know how long your workouts are as well as information like distance, pulse, and strokes/minute, the Velocity has a large, easy-to-read LCD screen. You can track your progress, set goals, and even measure your heart rate using the included strap-on heart rate monitor. Not all rowers include a heart-rate monitor.

Built-in transportation wheels

Odds are you’ll have to move your rower for one reason or another. Whether you need to make some extra space for the evening or want to store the rower in the garage for a while, you’ll want the rower to be mobile. It has built-in transportation wheels so despite its rather large size, you can comfortably move it around.


Long seat rail

Some tall people have trouble with rowers because of their long legs and the short rails. The Velocity Exercise Magnetic rowing machine has a nice long seat rail that accommodates people 6 feet and over, without making it hard for shorter people to use the machine.


Magnetic resistance, which this rower uses, is known for its quiet operation. You can exercise at any time of the day or night and not have to worry about screeching metal or bumping parts. You can even watch TV at a low volume and still hear it while you work out. Being able to work out on your own schedule is very important when it comes to building a consistent workout routine.

Provides guidance

Another one of the Velocity’s strengths is that the machine itself provides you with exercise guidance. In addition to the 6 manual resistance programs, 6 others are preset so you can just follow one of them for an efficient workout. This is especially useful if you aren’t sure how to most effectively use the rowing machine and need a little help. You can develop your basic muscle groups before setting your own programs and goals.



The Velocity CHR-2001 is bigger than some other rowers. At its longest, it’s about 6 feet. This limits you in terms of where you can use or store it, especially if you have a smaller house or apartment. In terms of storage, it does fold up to a smaller size, so if you need to put the machine away for guests or cleaning, it will fit in most closets.

Overall Review

The Velocity Exercise Magnetic rower is kind of pricey, but it offers more guidance than cheaper machines. You get 12 resistance programs, a heart-rate monitor, and a longer rail seat which is ideal if you’re tall with long legs. The rower’s magnetic resistance system is quiet, so you can work out on your schedule, even in the middle of the night or early in the morning.