Husqvarna HU675AWD All Wheel
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Powerful, maneuverable mower great for rough terrain

For thick grass and hilly lawns, the Husqvarna 961430108 HU675AWD AWD variable speed mower is ideal. It is powered by gasoline and has features specifically designed to give you a powerful, maneuverable mower that will last a long time and cut beautiful yards.

All-wheel drive technology

The “AWD” in the mower’s name stands for all-wheel drive. All-wheel drive means that all the wheels are connected to the engine power, increasing wheel traction. This technology makes the lawn mower extremely easy to maneuver and gives you a lot of control. AWD is especially useful for going up and down hills.

149cc Kohler engine

The HU675AWD’s engine is a 149cc (cubic centimeter) Kohler. Ideally, lawn mowers should be between 125-200 cc, so this mower falls in the more powerful range, which is great for longevity and cutting through tough grasses.

Mulch and rear bag disposal

Once you’re cutting the grass, you have two choices about what to do with the clippings. You can either choose to use the 2-bushel rear bag for easy, clean disposal or use the clippings for mulch.


Great for tough lawns

This mower is strong and ideal for lawns with lots of weeds and tall, tough grasses. The cutting width of the mower is 22 inches, and the AWD lets you easily push through rough spots quickly, so even if you’re mowing for the first time in a while, it won’t be torture for you or whoever is using the Husqvarna.

Great maneuverability

Being able to easily move your lawn mower is very important. If it’s hard and requires a lot of pushing or straining, no one in your family will want to do it, and your lawn will start to suffer as a result. With the Husqvarna HU675AWD, anyone in your family can easily take control. The AWD helps with overall stability, and the variable speed function allows you to select the perfect pace for the self-propeller. Even if you’ve never used a lawn mower before, you’ll be able to quickly learn with this one.

CARB compliant

CARB (California Air Resource Board) is a set of standards for lawn mowers that when met, mean the lawn mower has less emissions than mowers that aren’t CARB compliant. The Husqvarna meets these standards so is a cleaner option than many other gas-powered mowers.


Bag size

The main problem with this mower is that the rear bag is pretty small. If you have a larger lawn, you’ll need to empty the bag a lot and without any side discharge option, you only have mulching as an alternative. To keep the mowing process smooth, consider carrying around large garbage bags with you while you mow so when the mower bag gets full, you can empty out the clippings and continue without having to walk the bag all the way back to the trash. When you’re done mowing, simply collect the full garbage bags and throw them away all at once.

Overall Review

The Husqvarna 961430108 HU675AWD offers great user control even if your lawn is rough and has a lot of thick grasses that other mowers have struggled through. The powerful engine and AWD help keep the mower stable over rough terrain while easily cutting. Though it can hold up with large lawns as well (the small bag is the only issue there), this lawn mower is ideal for smaller, tough-to-mow lawns.