High Wheel Lawn Mower
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Heavy-duty, self-propelled mower that creates beautiful lawns

The Sarlo WX24Sp is a compact, self-propelled mower designed to cut beautiful, even lawns. It uses a commercial-grade, recoil-start engine and is built to last so you can expect to mow your lawn with this machine for years to come.

Powerful, 190cc Briggs & Stratton Professional series engine

A big part of a mower’s durability comes from its engine. With the Sarlo’s heavy-duty 190cc Briggs & Stratton Professional engine, you get a lot of power in this smaller-sized mower. It can cut short grass as well as weeds for great all-around lawn care.

Plow-style handles

When you’re mowing, you want the mower to have total control over the machine and be able to move around a lot. The plow-style handles provide a strong, comfortable grip so you can easily maneuver the mower back and forth across your lawn, around trees, and so on.

High wheels

Your lawn probably has some tall grasses you want to deal with. The high wheels on the Sarlo help with maneuverability as well as cutting down those pesky weeds that clutter your garden edges. The wheels almost act like a weed whacker that trims grass tops right off.



Lawn mowers are big purchases. You want one that will last a long time and hold up against the elements. The Sarlo WX24SP is a heavy-duty mower with premium bearings in all its wheels, the self-propulsion system, and the blade hub so all the parts are constructed for maximum strength and longevity.

Easy to move

When you’re using a lawn mower, you don’t want to deal with something bulky that’s hard to move around. You’ll keep delaying and putting it off, and your lawn will suffer. The Sarlo is designed for optimal balance and composite wheels (with those premium ball bearings) so guiding the mower around is smooth and pain-free.


Many mowers are very large and take up a lot of space. If you have limited garage space or even need to house your mower in a laundry room, the Sarlo is a good size. It’s considered a compact mower, so storage is convenient.



The mower is not great when it comes to assembly. There is no instruction manual, and you’re responsible for putting the handles on the mower by yourself. They are tricky and you might get frustrated. On the plus side, the handles are the only part you need to put together, so once that’s done, you’re good to go.

Overall Review

If you have a smaller lawn right now and limited storage space, but want to invest in a powerful mower you can take with you as you move throughout the years, then the Sarlo WX24SP high wheel mower is a good choice. It’s compact, self-propelled, and designed for balanced, smooth use. Anyone in your family can mow the lawn without trouble and your lawn will look great.