WORX WG789 Propelled Lawn Mower
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Battery-operated, self-propelled lawn mower great for tough grass

For a mower that’s great on tough grass, easy to control, and easy to start, the WORX WG789 PaceSetter passes the test. This battery-operated, self-propelled lawn mower doesn’t use any oil, is quieter than gas mowers, and is ideal if you have lots of neighbors around and a lawn that you’ve struggled with in the past.

IntelliCut Technology

The WORX offers superior lawn care with its patented IntelliCut technology. When you’re working with tall grass, mulching, or cutting through any tougher patches, turn the dial to the Power setting. For easier grasses and a quiet mowing experience, switch over to Quiet. This cool mowing technology gives you more control than regular mowers where you have to deal with constant noise and sweat through rough lawns without a good chopper. Those days are over with the WORX.

PaceSetter technology

For even more control, the PaceSetter senses your walking speed and adjusts the self-propeller to match you. Mowing becomes much smoother and easier with this feature. It’s like you and your mower are one body.

Removable, rechargeable battery

The WORX PaceSetter is a battery-operated mower, so it doesn’t use oil or gas. The battery is a 36-volt removable and rechargeable battery that can conveniently charge in your garage when you aren’t using the mower. Easily insert the battery when you’re ready to mow, push the key, and pull the lever for an instant start-up.


Easy to use

This mower is extremely easy to use. The IntelliCut and Pacesetter technologies do all the hard work; you just go along for the ride and dictate what your needs are to the mower. You’ll look forward to mowing and get a lot of satisfaction out of the mower’s superior cutting abilities.


Most mowers are very loud. You can only mow during daytime hours. With the Quiet setting on the WORX, you get a mower that’s much quieter than gas mowers, so you can work right next to your neighbors’ houses or even when people are sleeping. Get up early on a weekend before it gets hot and get the mowing out of the way without disturbing anybody.

Cut a lot of different grass

With the Power setting, you can easily cut a variety of grasses, like tall weeds, rocky areas, tough grass, and so on. Instead of getting some other piece of lawn equipment like a weed wacker, you can just use this mower on every part of your lawn and get an even, beautiful result.


Battery life

The battery on the WORX WG789 only lasts 45 minutes before it needs to be recharged. While this is all right if you have a small lawn, it can be a problem if your mowing takes an hour or more. However, because the WORX cuts so well and matches your walking pace, mowing will probably go a lot faster than with your previous mower, so 45 minutes might very well be more than enough time.

Overall Review

The WORX WG789 offers a lot more control than other mowers as well as cool technological features like the IntelliCut, battery-operation, and PaceSetter. It’s also a lot quieter than gas mowers so you have more flexibility about when you can mow. Because of its superior quality, this is an expensive mower. It’s probably more on the upper end, price-wise. If you really want a quiet mower with the WORX’s features, it is definitely worth it.