60 Stitches Machine
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An easy to use but capable product

The Brother CS6000i is a mid range model that has many but not all the features of the profession grade Brother Runway PC420 but a lot more than the beginner orientated XM2701. What they do all have in common is that they are all very feature rich. The two computerized versions the CS60001 and the PC420 runway have LED displays on which you can view and select the stitches, styles and even adjust stitch length and width. The CS6000i though lacks the professional features that made the PC420 outstanding such as the ability to customize and create your own stitches and then save them to memory. Instead it is aimed slightly lower not at the professional designer or seamstress but and the experienced user who loves to make their own clothes.


The Brother Cs600i like the expert level PC420 is crammed full of features and options. Whereas the PC420 is firmly targeting at the expert the CS6000i targets the experienced and demanding sewer who wishes to create complex and detailed designs. To that end, the Brother Q6000i is jam-packed with enticing features. For a start there are 60 built in stitches, which are easily selectable from the LED display. There are 20 utility stitches, 20 decorative stitches, 7 quilting stitches and 6 heirloom stitches. Additionally the Brother CS6000i has an adjustable sewing speed dial and an oversized sewing platform and seven styles of one-step buttonhole. There is another good feature on all the Brother models and that was the twin needle function, which is useful for parallel stitching close together or topstitching, hemming and quilting. Other great features are that it is quiet and has an adjustable sewing speed for when doing intricate work, so you can take it very slowly.


The CS6001 comes with nine Presser feet; walking, spring action, monogramming, zipper, zigzag, blind, buttonhole, and overcast. There is also an accessory pouch that contains three additional bobbins, seam ripper, needle set, cleaning brush, eyelet punch, two screwdrivers, and three spool caps. Additionally there is a foot controller pedal, a hard case, a grid sheet set and a bilingual English/Spanish operations manual.


Feature rich with great accessories

The CS6000i is not as feature packed as the PC420 but it still is wonderfully capable considering its midmarket pitch at the experienced sewer whilst providing undoubted value for money. The accessory list and features position it very well for a product of this price range and capability.


Poor Lamp

Unfortunately the lamp is just not good enough just like on the XM2701.

Overall Verdict

Another really good product from Brother, this time a mid range model that really does hit the target with a good price differential between it and the more feature rich and expensive PC420. The saving on cost but not losing heavily on features makes his a very attractive mid range offering.