Everyday Sewing Machine
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A lightweight everyday use sewing machine

The Brother LS21251 is designed as a lightweight and portable sewing machine for everyday light sewing jobs. It is aimed at the beginner or those looking for a lightweight portal sewing machine. With its built in carry handle the machine is easy to carry around and it weighs 12 pounds with a footprint of 15”w x 8.5 d so it can be placed on any worktop or desk whenever it s required. It is like all the other Brother sewing machines in their range packed with features normally beyond their price range and the LS2125i is no exception.


The Brother 2125i comes with ten stitches and an easy stitch selector dial, which is simply rotated to select the stitch pattern of choice. There is also an auto upper thread tension dial, which is very intuitive to use simply turn the dial to take up the tension. In most cases, this will remain in the same position but for heavy tasks like denim, it might need to be adjusted to the correct tension. There is also an auto buttonhole attachment, which just works great. There are the standard Brother features of the twin needle, auto thread, reverse stitching level and the anti-jam bobbin just as there are on all the other Brother sewing machines.


The Brother 2125i comes with three press feet; a Zipper, Button sewing and Button hole foot. An accessory pouch containing the following three bobbins, needle set, twin needle, screwdriver and darning plate. Strangely, there is no carry-case for it included or available as an extra cost item. It also comes with a Bilingual English/Spanish instruction manual.


It is really easy to use and great value

This is a great machine and though it is described as portable, it is a full size machine so capable of full size work. This and the fact it is so easy to use and that it just does everything as it should makes it really great value. Also like all the other Brothers it is very easy to be used as Brother not only make the machines that way but also provide high quality tutorials and explanations in the user guides in order to get you up and running very quickly. This is what makes Brother such a good choice for beginners, you can, by following the instructions, be working on even quite complex projects very quickly.


Claims to be a portable but no carry-case

Although the adverts seem to indicate it as being portable, this is a 12.8lb. Sewing machine that is more likely meant to be luggable rather than portable.

Overall Verdict

Another winner from the Brother sewing machine range, with this one aimed squarely at the beginner and infrequent user. The LS2125i meets and exceeds all expectations at its price and market niche by performing very well and being as it claims easy to use for those every day issues.