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Lightweight portable machine for the hobbyist

The Michley LSS-505 is a lightweight machine that can run on AC or batteries so it is very portable. It is a machine suitable for the beginner or hobbyist. It is capable of doing everyday type lightweight sewing jobs whilst at the same time it has eight built-in sewing stitch patterns and double thread, double speed features.


The machine is very easy to thread and comes with its own threader tool. There are video instructions on the website that show clearly how to thread the machine quickly and effortlessly. The same is true of the bobbin winder, it comes with an instructions but a video is also available on the site, which provides better visual understanding. One of the Michley features is that it’s compact and lightweight. It also runs on batteries if you need to and also has an AC adapter.


The machine comes with eight preprogrammed stitch patterns, which is plenty for a beginner to get going with; one helpful feature is that it comes pre-threaded out of the box. This is great for kids and beginners that just want to get started right away without the hours of frustration trying to figure it all out. Michley seem to be aware of this and have gone to good length to make the instructions and the online videos clear and easy to follow. If there is no online access, however, there is an info-graphic printed on the machine.


The Michley LSS-505 comes with an AC adaptor, foot pedal, two thread spools, two bobbins, needle and threader. There is another version which is the same machine called the LSS-505 Combo and this comes with the Michley 100 piece sewing kit and electrical scissors.


Easy to use out of the box

The Michley LSS-505 comes ready to use out of the box. It comes pre-threaded and ready to be plugged in to go. It has very easy to follow videos and printed graphics for the threading process and for the bobbins tension adjustment.

Great for kids or absolute beginners

This is a perfect machine for beginners or children wishing to learn, as it is so easy to use but still has sufficient capabilities and patterns to do mid level hobbyist style work. It has decoration and essential stitch patterns built in which as easy to select and use making it an ideal starter level sewing machine.


Lightweight in the extreme

The Michley LSS-505 is a lightweight machine but it also only handles lightweight work so don’t expect it too. It is designed for very simple lightweight task that makes it great for a child or beginner but hopeless for any heavy-duty work.

Overall Verdict

The Michley LSS-505 is a beginner level entry machine that is lightweight and portable. It is very affordable as a first sewing machine but there lies its limitations. It is not designed for serious work and those that have unrealistic expectation will be disappointed. However those that expect it to be little more than a toy will be very pleasantly surprised by just now capable a machine it is.