Extra-High Sewing Speed Sewing Machine With
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Fast Skip-free Sewing

The Singer 4423 has a powerful motor and high sewing position, which along with its high speed sewing capability makes it perfect for those heavy-duty sewing tasks. However, the 4423 is not just a basic heavy-duty machine it is still versatile and capable of decorative work and comes with 23 stitch options. Therefore, whether you are look to make adjustments or complete an entire project the 4423 is a capable sewing machine that will meet the requirements.


The Singer has 23 stitch patterns, 12 of which are decorative, six essential and four are stretch. There is a single one-step buttonhole stitch. However it makes up for a lack of stitches – compared to other Singer models – by having a strong stainless steel bedplate for smooth even fabric flow and a heavy duty frame which mitigates skipping. There is an adjustable tension to ensure stable and reliable stitch quality and the needle can be adjusted to three heights. Additionally the extra-high presser foot lifter caters for multiple layers of thick material such as denim. However, the automatic presser foot control also allows the finest lightweight materials to be used.


One of the weaknesses of the other highly computerized models in the Singer such as the 7256 was the concern that they could not handle heavy-duty sewing. That may have been the case as they are primarily aimed at beginners or for decorative and fashion use. This machine though is far more solid and is designed with heavy-duty sewing projects in mind. It still has some of the features of the other designer models such as the automatic needle threader and the top drop-in anti-jam bobbin container.


The Singer 4423 comes with a range of accessories, which are stored onboard in the free arm accessory storage tray. The accessories include an all-purpose presser foot as well as feet for Zipper, buttonhole and a button sewing foot. There is a pack of needles, tread and spool caps, seam ripper, screwdriver and a soft dust cover.


Good on denim and leather

Capable of handling light to mid weight leather without a hic-cup and can handle even multi layers of denim.

Good on drapes

The Singer 4423 is good for alterations and drapes especially on thicker material, it is heavy duty without being industrial. Therefore, you need to make sure you use the correct needle and taking it slower on heavy dense fabrics.


Not everyone’s definition of Heavy Duty

The definition of heavy duty is a bit vague and as such this machine does have its limitations, it is not industrial you wouldn’t expect that at this price range so even though it will handle thick dense material like denim and canvas even mid leather it isn’t going to be able to handle really industrial jobs.

Overall Verdict

This good heavy-duty multi-purpose machine overcomes the inherent weakness of some of Singers fancy models by providing more power and a more heavy-duty frame. Its needle height allows for thicker layers and heavier materials than the other Singer models whilst retaining some of the decorative and fashion capabilities.