Singer 7256 Free-Arm Sewing Machine
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For the budding stylist and fashionista

The Singer 7256 is the perfect machine for the experienced sewer who wants to take their sewing skills beyond the basic level sewing projects. This machine provides all the features and options to advance beyond the basics. It has all the in-built requirements for fashion sewing and making those homemade designer outfits. It is also a capable machine for quilting, heirloom and decorative sewing.


The machine has 70 inbuilt stitch patterns and five presser feet that are accessible through the LCD digital display. The display not only shows a representation of the stitch pattern but shows which presser foot to use as well. To save time you do not need to scroll through all the choices using the digital display instead they are conveniently represented on a graphic printed on the front of the machine with their corresponding identity code. Another good feature is the easy-to-load drop-in bobbin system, which incorporates a jam-proof magnetic-type vertical axis-rotating hook. The rotating hook sits below the floating bobbin precluding any thread jams, which gives smooth, quiet and thread-jam resistant sewing.


The Singer 7256 Fashion Mate can be threaded and ready to go in 6 seconds by using the auto-threading feature. An automatic needle threader provides a stress free way of threading the eye of the needle and an automatic tension system ensures stitch quality is maintained whatever the fabric. There is no need to make presser foot adjustments as the height of the fabric feed dogs are handled automatically by the Singer sensing the fabric thickness and type. Something else which makes for great finishing on hems and cuffs is the capability for you to fully adjust stitch length and width settings and use a twin needle setting for parallel narrow width lines.


The Singer comes with an array of accessories that are neatly stored in a container located in the free arm. The accessories include a darning plate, spare bobbins, a needle pack and an assortment of presser feet.


Many features and options

The Singer 7256 has many features not available on basic machines, such as the adjustable stretch and width, the anti-jamming bobbin and six second threading. It also has a six-segment fabric feeding control and automatic power control to maintain speed through thick or variable fabric density. Additionally, the presser feet can be snapped off and on again very quickly which takes a lot of the pain out of adjusting fabrics and style during your projects.


Can’t handle heavy duty Stitching

The motor isn’t up to heavy-duty sewing on thick dense fabric. It is ideally suited to thin layers of fabric.

Overall Verdict

The Singer 7256 Fashion Mate is ideally used for home fashion and decorative sewing projects but can be used for quilting or utility sewing jobs. It is not a machine for a beginner as it has been targeted at more experienced and users who will appreciate its design capabilities. It is highly automated so most jobs are controlled automatically and it has many inbuilt computerized programs to provide these functions.