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Extremely versatile, fast single-serve coffee brewer with interchangeable brew heads

The BUNN MCU single-cup multi-use home coffee brewer is probably the most flexible coffee brewer out there. It brews literally everything from tea bags to K-cups to coffee grounds. It’s also very easy to use and includes a Pulse brew to bolden flavors. Whether you need a fast cup of black coffee in the morning as you run out the door or want to savor some exotic loose-leaf tea, the BUNN MCU was designed with versatility in mind.

14 oz. water reservoir

All those delicious hot drinks start with hot water. The BUNN MCU’s water tank holds a maximum 14-ounces of water and you can choose cup sizes between 4-14 ounces. Whether you want a small cup of strong coffee or a larger amount to take with you on the road, the drinks always brew quickly and at a hot temperature.

Brews K-Cups, ground coffee, soft pods, tea bags, and loose tea

The BUNN’s most standout feature is that it brews loose tea, tea bags, ground coffee, pods, and K-cups. This is made possible by the included set of detachable brew heads that easily insert in and out of the machine. Two drawers are responsible for teabags and pods, while the other brews ground coffee.

16×9 inches

At just over a foot tall and a little under a foot wide, the BUNN is pretty small, especially when you consider all it can do. It fits easily on most counters so you don’t have to have a huge kitchen in order for the coffee maker to fit in.


Easy to use

Even with all the brewing capabilities, making your drink is easy. It only has two buttons: “pulse” and “brew.” Whether you’re using pods, cups, or grounds, the “pulse” button slows down the brewing process so the coffee is bolder and stronger. To turn on the machine, simply plug it in and wait for the light to turn green.


The BUNN is one of the faster single-serve coffee brewers out there. It can brew an 8-ounce cup in about 15-20 seconds. Bigger cups are a little faster, but still way under a minute and speedier than anything you’d pick up at a drive-thru cafe.

Superior-tasting coffee

The BUNN MCU has many features that enhance the coffee’s flavors. It always uses the perfect temperature for brewing and provides hot coffee every time, which is a challenge for many single-serve brewers. The pulse feature is another way the coffee comes out better than comparable machines, as many users complain about single-serve brewers not making strong enough coffee.


Tank isn’t removable

One of the BUNN’s drawbacks is that you can’t remove the water tank. You have to fill cups with water and pour them into the tank, which can be messier. However, the water tank is on the small size, so you don’t have to keep going back and forth from the sink.

Brew heads need extra storage

Another potential problem is that you need to store all those brew heads. You could also easily lose them and eliminate one of those great brewing methods. To ensure this doesn’t happen, pick a place close to the brewer and keep all the heads together.

Overall Review

The BUNN MCU single-cup home coffee brewer is one of the most versatile single-serve coffee makers out there. It’s not only fast and easy to use, but it allows you the freedom of choosing from the usual brewing methods as well as more unusual kinds like loose-leaf tea and teabags. If you love coffee, tea, and hot chocolate, you’ll be more than happy with this multi-use machine.