Coffee-on-Demand 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker
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Fully-programmable single-serve coffeemaker with 12-cup coffee reservoir, permanent filter, and easy-clean features

If you love coffee more than the average person, the Cuisinart DCC-3000 is a great machine. It is a single-serve coffee maker and has a big coffee reservoir that keeps up to 12 cups of coffee hot for anytime deliciousness. The machine is also fully programmable and is easy to clean.

12-cup coffee reservoir

The 12-cup coffee reservoir is unique to this machine. You can brew lots of coffee and have it hot and ready throughout the day without having to brew each cup individually from scratch. There’s also a handy gauge that lets you know how many cups you have left.

Fully programmable

With a lot of single-serve brewers, you don’t have the power to program anything. With the Coffee-on-Demand, you can set the time you want you coffee up to 24 hours in advance so your coffee is ready when you are. Just pour in the grinds, check the water, set the program, and go about your activities. The machine will start brewing.

Removable permanent filter

The DCC-3000 uses ground coffee and comes with a removable permanent filter. This makes it easy to clean. You can also use a paper filter if you want.


Makes superior-tasting coffee

The Cuisinart Coffee-on-Demand makes excellent coffee. By being able to use grounds, you have a wider range of choice than with single-cup coffee machines that only use K-cups. The machine also includes a unique charcoal filter to eliminate chlorine, odor, and taste from tap water, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money on filtered water to get great coffee.

Easy to clean

Being able to easily clean a single-server that uses grounds is very important. Both the water and coffee reservoir smoothly remove for easy cleaning, as does the coffee filter. The machine also has a very useful feature that alerts you to when it’s time to clean everything, so you don’t have to guess.

Flexible brewing

12 cups is a lot of coffee. Sometimes, you just want a cup or two. Luckily, the Cuisinart DCC-3000 has 1-4 cup setting so you don’t always have to have 12 cups of coffee sitting in machine. Using this setting when you know you don’t want more than 4 cups improves the flavor of the brew.



The Cuisinart is a large machine. It’s not for small counters and will dominate your space, like a blender or mixer would. It’s also heavy and hard to move around, so choose the spot you want and stick with it.

Only makes coffee

Other single-serves, especially ones with K-cups and pods, can make other things beside coffee, like tea and hot cocoa. This is for coffee lovers who only want coffee. That isn’t a real problem unless you’re the only one in your family who drinks coffee. Getting a machine this size would be a waste.

Overall Review

The Cuisinart DCC-3000 Coffee-on-Demand makes a ton of coffee and has larger reservoirs than other single-servers. It also has a separate coffee reservoir where you store brewed coffee and enjoy it all day long. Features like the charcoal filter and 1-4 cup setting help improve the flavor of the coffee, so you won’t miss expensive coffee shop coffee at all.