Cuisinart SS-700 Serve Brewing System
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Versatile, programmable single-serve coffee maker with huge reservoir and ground coffee option

If you want a single-serve brewing system that holds a lot of cups and makes great coffee, the Cuisinart SS-700 is quiet, fully programmable, and great for an office or a big family who loves coffee. Because the brewer uses K-cups, you also get a wide variety of teas and hot cocoas to choose from.

80 oz. reservoir

At 80 ounces, the SS-700’s water tank is huge. 80 ounces is about 10 cups, so at least ten people can enjoy a hot beverage without having to refill the tank.

Uses 250 varieties of K-cups and reusable filter

Thanks to the K-cup holder and reusable filter, you can use both K-cups and ground coffee. K-cups alone have over 250 varieties of teas, coffees, and cocoa, so combined with ground coffee, you have a huge variety of flavors to try. The SS-700 brews in five cup sizes from 4-12 ounces so you can either have very small, strong cups or large travel mugs.

Fully programmable

The Cuisinart SS-700 is fully programmable with a backlit LCD screen. You have your run-of-the-mill features like a digital clock, and auto off/on. You can also adjust the temperature so more delicate drinks like white or green tea don’t become bitter or scalded.


Clean features

Coffee brewers often get a little dirty with coffee grounds and calcified water hanging around. The Cuisinart SS-700 has features designed to keep bad tastes and impurities out of your drinks. The Rinse cycle dispenses 4 ounces of hot water that wash out any grounds or lingering flavors, so every cup tastes fresh and clean. The built-in charcoal water filter also helps deal with any issues that your water might have, so using tap water is fine.

Makes iced beverages

One of the more unique strengths on this single-serve brewer is that it has an iced beverage option. You can use your coffee maker in the summer just as much as you do in the winter by making iced coffees and teas that perfect for hot days. Even people who don’t usually drink coffee will love this feature.


Coffee brewers can be loud and in the early morning, this can be a problem. The Cuisinart runs very quietly so you’ll never disrupt sleeping children or office-mates who need silence to work.



The main downside to this single-serve brewer is that it’s expensive. Combine that with the expensive K-cups, and you might hesitate. However, you do have that ground coffee and tea bag option, and coffee brewers with big tanks just tend to cost more.

Overall Review

You probably won’t find a more versatile single-serve coffee brewer out there. With the Cuisinart SS-700 you can brew everything, including more unique drinks like tea from tea bags and loose-leaf, and iced beverages. Features like a charcoal filter and huge water tank make it ideal for areas of high traffic, like offices.