Single Serve Maker
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Programmable, single-serve brewer with two brewing sides that uses pods or grounds

If you have parties where coffee is served after dinner, the Hamilton Beach 49980A is a great machine. It’s perfect for making a carafe full of coffee or for single-serve cups. You can use pods or ground coffee, and program it well in advance for convenience. Even with a variety of features, this brewer is pretty affordable.

Has “carafe-side” reservoir and “single-serve” side

Choose from two brewing sides with this machine: the carafe-side with its extra-large reservoir and handy measurement markers, or the single-serve side. You can easily make enough coffee for a crowd or just one cup for when you’re alone.

Uses ground coffee and pods

Many servers either use ground coffee or pods, but not both. With the Hamilton Beach, you can use the regular filter with ground coffee or snap into the pod holder that holds soft coffee or tea pods. Enjoy ground gourmet coffee or pods for quick single servings.


When you want coffee, you usually have to start from scratch with the measuring and the water and so on. The Hamilton Beach is programmable so you can set both the brew time and strength of the coffee (BOLD or REGULAR) up to 24 hours beforehand. It also has a 2-hour auto shut-off so you can save energy.


Make coffee for one or for a crowd

The Hamilton Beach 49980A single serve coffee maker is versatile. You can use it for parties where up to 12 people need a great cup of coffee, or just one. You get a glass carafe included, which is unique, and saves you a few bucks.

Use soft pods or ground coffee

Adding to its versatility, you can use soft pods or ground coffee. Depending on your taste, you can choose to just ground coffee, and then pods when someone requests it. It’s nice to have that freedom.

More control

With the programs and ability to monitor brew strength, you have more control over your coffee. The brew strength in particular is handy, because with many single-serve coffee machines, you have to manually adjust the strength based on how much ground coffee you use. This saves you a lot of time in the long-run. Control time and brew strength


Weak coffee

One of the downsides to the Hamilton Beach is that it doesn’t make super strong coffee.

Overall Review

This brewer is ideal for having parties. Using the included glass carafe and separate carafe-side water reservoir, you can make up to 12 cups of coffee. On the other side is the traditional single-serve reservoir. It’s basically a regular coffee pot and modern single-serve brewer in one. You get more control and flexibility with the Hamilton Beach 49980A as well.