FlexBrew Single Serve Coffeemaker
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Easy-to-clean, single-serve brewer compatible with ground coffee, pods, and tea

If you’re looking for a versatile single-serve coffee maker that’s easy to clean and use, the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew offers a wide selection of coffee and tea possibilities. Because the machine is compact, you can keep it just about anywhere in your kitchen or office. This machine is also unique because you can use both pods and ground coffee, depending on your tastes.

10-oz brew capacity

With the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew, you can make up to 10-ounces of fresh coffee (or tea). This is enough for a travel mug and if you want smaller amounts, you can choose that option. It should be noted that this unit doesn’t brew as much coffee as some other Hamilton Beach single-serve brewers (which can brew as much as 32 ounces), but if you aren’t someone who drinks large amounts of coffee at one time, 10 ounces is plenty.

Brews with Keurig pods, soft pods, or ground coffee

That 10 ounces of coffee can either be from a K-cup, a soft pod, or ground coffee. The 49995 FlexBrew is extremely versatile and you get lots of choices regarding flavor and how much you want to spend on your coffee (K-cups are more expensive than ground coffee). A lot of other single-serve brewers limit you to pods. If you go with the ground coffee option, medium grind from places like Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts is best.

Marked brew basket for exact measurement

If you do choose to brew a cup from ground coffee, the brew basket comes with a handy measurement so you don’t accidentally overfill the machine. You’ll be able to pour in the perfect amount of grounds every time and get a tasty cup that doesn’t create a mess.


Easy to clean

Cleaning a single-serve brewer, especially one that uses grounds, should be easy. The FlexBrew has removable, dishwasher-safe parts so you don’t even have to bother with rinsing anything out by hand. The base is made from stainless steel, so you just need to wipe the surface down if stains get on it.

Brews teas

Another feature that makes this brewer especially versatile is that you can make tea using tea pods. There are a wide variety of delicious teas your whole family can enjoy, especially if not everyone likes coffee. You can make white, chai, herbal, black, and fruit-flavored teas.

Great taste

The FlexBrew extracts coffee better than other single-serves so you can expect great-tasting coffee that’s richer and stronger. Taste is probably what you’re looking for first in a coffee maker; it’s kind of pointless if it has a lot of techy gadgets, but makes bad coffee. The Hamilton Beach 49995 is simple and makes great coffee.



The FlexBrew makes coffee a little slower compared to other single-serves. It takes about four minutes to brew a cup, and by then the water has cooled down so the coffee isn’t as piping hot. A simple solution is to just stick your cup in the microwave and heat it up again for a few seconds, and you can be on your way.

Ground coffee can be messy

Something to watch out for as well is that using the ground coffee feature can be messy. The unit spits out coffee bits. To avoid this, be extra careful about using the measuring on the brew basket as overfilling it causes the spittage.

Overall Review

The Hamilton Beach FlexBrew single-serve coffeemaker is a uniquely versatile, affordable brewer that you can use ground coffee and pods with, and also make tea. It’s very easy to clean in the dishwasher, and makes delicious coffee. If you’re looking for a single-serve brewer that can make more than just coffee and doesn’t require expensive K-cups, this is a strong option.