Stay Or Go Coffee
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Affordable, simple single-serve coffee maker that’s easy to clean and versatile

The Hamilton Beach Stay or Go single-serve coffee maker is a compact, affordable unit that makes great-tasting coffee in only minutes. It has a simple, easy-to use design and works for both regular-sized cups and travel mugs. Whether you want a small 8-ounce cup or need to refill your 32 oz. travel mug, this coffee maker is a great choice.

Built-in stand

When you are ready to brew your cup, you simply place it on the built-in stand so nothing gets spilled. The stand fits cups and travel mugs, so there isn’t a problem with a cup being too tall.

Uses Melitta coffee pods and filters

When you’re deciding what kind of coffee you want, you have a lot of options with the Hamilton Beach Stay or Go. It uses Melitta coffee pods, but also works with filters. Many single-serve brewers (which are also more expensive than this one) are only designed for K-cups. When you buy the Stay or Go, you get a sampling of 8 pods in medium roast, dark roast, and decaf.

Dishwasher-safe brew basket

When you’re finished brewing, cleaning up is super easy. There aren’t any granules of ground coffee to mess with, and the brew basket is completely dishwasher-safe so you just stick it in the top rack every now and then to keep everything cleaned out.



One of the positives to the Hamilton 49990Z is that it fits on any countertop. It’s compact, so even if you have limited space or want the single-serve in your office at a spot on your desk, the Hamilton fits in snugly without dominating the space.

Fast and hot

A complaint with many single-serve brewers is that they don’t heat the coffee enough. The Hamilton Beach 49990Z is both fast and hot, so you get a steaming mug of fresh coffee in only a few minutes. This means you can brew coffee for your morning commute and head right out the door without having to heat it up again in the microwave.


With the Stay or Go, you can brew as little as an 8-ounce serving or as much as 32-ounces. You have also more choice when it comes to coffee types as you can use both Melitta pods or coffee filters, which are more affordable than K-cups.


No way to control strength

The main problem with this Hamilton Beach 49990Z is there is no built-in way to adjust the strength of your coffee. While many single-serve coffee machines have settings for this, you have to experiment with the Stay or Go to get the strength you want. In general, the more coffee you use in comparison to water, the stronger the coffee will be.

Overall Review

Overall, this single-serve maker is great for students because it’s easy and affordable, or for families who want to add a compact coffee maker to their kitchen. It makes a wide range of coffees using both pods and filters, and it’s easy to clean so you can keep brewing single cups without dreading the cleanup process.