2 0 Brewing System
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Convenient, stylish brewer makes 9 brew sizes perfect for individuals or parties

The Keurig K550 2.0 is a top-of-the-line, fast single serve coffee makar that’s easy to maintain and gives you lots of choices about cup size. It makes a lot of hot drinks and is ideal whether you’re alone on a Sunday morning or throwing a party with all your friends.

Brews singles and k-carafe packs

The feature that makes this brewer in particular great for guests is because it’s capable of brewing one cup or four cups at once. The k-carafe packs are essentially just larger K-cups that brew up to four cups. You make more coffee or tea faster, with less waste than if you kept sticking in the regular K-cups.

Choose from 9 cup sizes

Whether you are making coffee for just yourself or company, you can choose from nine cup sizes. Many other brewers only have three or five. The Keurig K550’s sizes range from 4, 30, to 60 ounces. You can choose your perfect cup size every time.

Touch-screen display with color options

Using the K550 is easy. It has a touch-screen display where all your options are easy to access, and it even comes with color options so your Keurig will glow in green, red, or blue. This adds style to the brewer and keeps a cohesive part of your kitchen decor.


More coffee than other brewers

You make a lot more coffee with one K-cup when you use the carafe-pack. Being able to brew with the 4-cup packs means more coffee faster, which is always good. If you have this machine at work, you can brew the same coffee for four people and use less K-cups.


You are not limited to just coffee with the Keurig. With the K-cups, you can brew 250 varieties of drinks (coffee, tea, hot chocolate). You can even just use the unit as a water heater for soup or tea bags, which don’t work in the Keurig. This a very versatile brewer even non-coffee drinkers can enjoy.

Comes with extras

When you buy this, you get 4-cup starter carafe, 4 k-carafe packs, 6 K cup packs, and water filter starter kit with one filter. With this extras, you can start brewing right away and even throw a coffee party to try out all the features of this brewer.


Only uses K cups

A disadvantage to the Keurig K550 single serve coffee machine is that it only uses K cups. Some prefer other brands because of taste and price, so being limited to K cups can be a problem. However, other users have found ways around this and are able to brew non-K cups. Investigate what they have done to expand your brewer’s capabilities.

Overall Review

If you have parties where hot (or iced) beverages are typically served, then the Keurig K550 Brewer is a great machine. It gets the job done quickly and even with the brewer being K-cup exclusive, you get lots of choices about flavors and cup size. It’s easy to maintain as there is essentially zero clean-up required and it looks stylish on the counter with its modern LCD display and colors.