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Full-feature, single-cup brewing system with different cup size options

The Keurig K75 home brewing system has lots of features that make it stand out: you have five cup size options, a huge water reservoir, and temperature control. It’s also one of the quieter brewers you can get, so it’s perfect for making coffee early in the morning or in the office so you don’t disturb anyone.

72 oz. water reservoir

With the 72 oz water reservoir, you can brew ten cups before you need to refill the tank. 72 ounces is a lot bigger than many other brewers, including other Keurigs. It’s also removable and lit by a blue light so you can easily see when it’s time to refill.

“Set Your Favorite Cup” feature

When your tank is full and you’re ready to make your hot drink, you have five size options: 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 ounces. This is great for everyone in your family including young kids who won’t drink as much hot chocolate as, say, a teenager. The smaller sizes are also ideal for stronger espressos. You can fill larger mugs as well for on the road.

Adjustable temperature control

Depending on the drink, having temperature control is important. For green or white teas, the water shouldn’t be too hot or the tea becomes bitter. For coffee, most people like it as hot as possible. Using the adjustable temperature control, you can set the temp for a maximum of 192 degrees for piping hot coffee.


Easy to set up

When you first the Keurig K75, set-up is very easy. First, fill the machine with water and wait four minutes for it to heat up. Once it’s ready, the button with an image of a mug will begin to flash. Place a mug in the appropriate place and press the mug button. Just hot water will come out. Be aware that sometime between cups, the water will need to reheat a little, so the “heating” button will blink again. It should only be about 10-15 seconds before the “mug” button lights up again, and you’ll be ready to enjoy your first cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.

Easy to clean

Maintaining your K75 is a breeze. There is virtually no need to do any cleaning, though you might occasionally want to run just a cup of hot water through the system (no K-cup) to keep everything flushed out. The drip tray where extra coffee spills into (if your cup wasn’t big enough) is removeable for easy cleaning.

Quieter than other units

The most unique feature about this particular brewer is that it is much quieter than previous models. Most are about the volume of a dishwasher or louder, but the K75 is extremely quiet. This is great for making coffee early in the morning, especially if you have a small house or apartment and the bedrooms are close by. It’s also a good brewer for an office that needs to be somewhat quiet.



The main drawback to the K75 single serve coffee maker is that the water doesn’t really get all the way to boiling. You can set it to 192 or so, but it still isn’t as hot as you would get from a regular coffee machine or in a shop. It makes the coffee drinkable right away, so you should drink it as soon as it pours. If you like to hold on to a really hot cup for a while, try just sticking it in your microwave for 10-15 seconds or so to get it that boiling point.

Overall Review

Overall, the K75 is a larger, quieter home brewing system. You get ten cups out of one tank and the choice of five cup sizes for espressos, kids’ drinks, or big mugs of tea and coffee. It’s also very easy to clean and maintain, and set-up is completely hassle-free. If you’ve been looking for a single-cup brewer that’s quiet and one that everyone can use – coffee lovers and haters both – this is a great option.