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The new improved CrockPot portable

This is the new improved CrockPot portable the one that should be addressing some of those earlier failings. This crockPot is labeled the 605-S and is the improved version of the 610-S rather that the 6500-PS which isn’t a portable design. So how does the 605-S measure up to the 610-S? Well, initially they are very similar in fact by dimensions they are practically the same size with the 605-S measuring 16.1 x 16 x 10.2 in comparison to the 610-S’s 15.2 x 15 x 10 inches. However they both have 6 quart capacity and are similarly priced, so what are the differences that justify a new model?


The obvious new feature that all the models of the CrockPot was crying out for was some sort of Temperature indicator and with the 605-S we have finally got one. The gauge style display on the front panel goes from Red to yellow and has an indicator that shows at a quick glance the status of the temperature. This is actually supposed to be used when transporting the food so that you know when it will need to be plugged back in and warmed up again. It is a useful addition and something that was always been missing on the 610-PS.


However, what value and benefit CrockPot gives they then take away by messing about with the cooking timer. On the 610-PS the timer could be configured to run at either high or low cooking temperature for between 30 minutes and 20 hours. Yes there was no reason for cooking something for twenty hours at high setting – approx 300 degree – but the flexibility was there. Now with the 605-S they have restricted the cooking times to four settings – 4 & 6 hours on high, and 8 and 10 hours on low. This gives a maximum cooking time of only ten hours. The 610-PS could reasonable do anything between 30 minutes and twenty hours on low – 200 degrees.


Energy efficient

However, there is another major feature that the 605 has and that is its new ‘Heatsaver’ Stoneware crock. It can maintain optimum serving temperature for approximately 30% longer than the 610-PS stainless steel crock. This makes the 605-s more energy efficient and it maintains the food temperature longer when traveling. It also makes the device more energy efficient.

Temperature Display

The 605 has at last been fitted with a temperature gauge to indicate the temperature of the food whilst travelling. This is a great improvement however; it is offset by the now limited selections in cook times to only four automatic selections.


Reduced Cooking Time options

There are now only four possible programmable cooking times, 4 and 6 hours at high, and eight and ten at low this is a strange limit to place on what was a flexible solution with the 610-PS.

Overall Verdict

The temperature display gauge is a welcome addition as is the auto off features however this has been somewhat offset by the limitations on cooking times.