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Manual 6 quart portable slow cooker

The Crock-Pot 600s differs from its stable mate the 610s in that it is a manual version without the programmable twenty hours countdown timer and LED display. Consequently, you have to supervise the cooking time. There are three cooking operation settings, high, warm, and low that have to be manually set by you by using the rotary switch on the front of the cooker.


The main feature of the 600s is like with the 610 that fact that it is designed to be Cook n’ Carry, therefore it is made to be portable. It has distinct black clamps on the lid for locking down the lid when being transported. There is also a sealing gasket, which further prevents leakage during transportation by sealing the lid tight against the bowl. The clamps are there though for transportation and should not be closed during cooking.

No Programmable timer

The other notable feature is the rotary selector switch for either high, warm or low cooking temperatures. These have to be set manually as there is no programmable timer as with the 610s. Consequently, this makes the 600S less convenient to use as all operations have to be manually started or transitioned. For example on the 610S a countdown timer could be set to cook for up to twenty hours and it would then automatically transition to the warm setting where it would remain keeping the prepared food warm. The 600s cannot do this automatically, so you will have to be around to do it yourself by switching the mode from high to warm.


You really cannot get any simpler than the Crock-Pot 600S to use. There simply aren’t any controls to set other than the temperature setting, by using the rotary switch on the front. This makes using the Crock-Pot simplicity itself, which is great if you are willing to sacrifice control for convenience. By today’s standards, the options are very basic, primitive even. However that also goes for its maintenance because there is so little to go wrong it is easy to maintain and keep clean. Washing for example is a simple process as the inner pot is stoneware and is dishwasher safe as is the lid.


Simple and easy to use

The Crock-Pot is extremely easy to use and maintain.


Lack of control

The lack of any basic control or feedback regards cooking temperatures makes cooking something of a lottery.

Overall Verdict

The CrockPot 600S is a very basic and simple slow cooker that works very well. However it has transportation clamps on the lid which are not marked clearly, to be used only when transporting and not when cooking. The result is that if the clamps are used whilst cooking it will work as a pressure cooker not a slow cooker and overcook the food. This is a very common problem, which isn’t actually a fault but the user’s misuse.