Crock-Pot SCVT650-PS Touchscreen Slow Cooker
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Low sitting 6 1/2 Quart Cooker

The CrockPot 650-PS differs from the CrockPot 610 in a few significant ways though they are closely related and directly comparable. The most obvious one is that the 650-PS sits far lower at little over 8 1/2 inches compare to the 610-s at 15 inches. Despite this it has a larger capacity due to its wider longer footprint at 16.5 x 12.2 inches compared with the 610-S at 15 x 10 inches.

Not a portable model

Secondly, it lacks the static clasps on the lid, which were used for sealing the lid to the pot during transportation. There are no clasps on this model and no hint of portability being a design criteria or goal. Consequently, the design features of the CrockPot 600s and 610s such as the wide robust handles have been replaced with more aesthetically pleasing stainless steel handles, which are far slimmer.

Touch screen controls

Thirdly, the controls have been updated to use a touch screen control panel for programming the timers. Here the basic functionality is very similar to the 610S were a countdown timer may be set to anywhere between thirty minutes and twenty hours cooking time. The cooking settings are High, Warm and Low though only high and low are advisable cooking settings.


The cooker can be set to cook up to twenty hours. The user simply selects from the touch screen the desired time and sets the cooking temperature to either High or Low. When the countdown display reaches zero the cooking will stop and the cooker will transition from High to Warm in order to keep the food warm and not let it over cook or go cold. The food will stay in warm mode for up to six hours before the 650-PS will shut down. A counter displays how long the food has been in the warm cycle and will display up to six hours in one minute increments. This is unlike the 610-s which stayed in the warm process indefinitely.


More automated features

The 650-s has more automated features such as the way it handles the time the food remains in warm mode for up to six hours before shutting down.

bigger cooking capacity

The 650-PS has larger capacity at 6 ½ quarts which roughly equates to nine to ten people.


Still no programmable cooking times

There is no clock so cooking start times cannot be delayed. Unfortunately, there has not been any advancement in programming as there is still no way to mix cooking times and temperatures, for example to start in high for 2 hours and then switch to low for 6 hours.

Overall Verdict

The Crock-Pot is not designed to be portable so lacks the transportation features of the 600s and 610s it does however have new and improved programmable touch screen controls and display. However, these still lack basic functionality they are an improvement on the other models. Its 6 ½ quart capacity is another improvement as are its looks from a purely aesthetic perspective.